Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Winter Spring Fall Fest Friday, October 17, 2009

Winter Springs Fall Fest Friday, October 17, 2009To add to our October Fall Festivities mom decided to take Adam and I to the Winter Springs Fall Fest, considering this is the city we live in. This is Adams and my second year attending the event but this year our friends Wyatt, Preston and Gavin joined us. Most of the activities, like the hayrides and face painting were the same but this year they added the haystacks. The haystacks were located right by the line for the hayride. I think we stood in line for almost an hour for the hayride but it sure did not feel like an hour because we were having so much fun playing.
There was a chicken that hung out by the haystacks while we all played. I decided to stop by and give him and high five. My friend Wyatt wanted nothing to do with Mr. Chicken, well the truth is he has a thing for characters dressed up.

I was determined to take my purse with me, so mom told me I had to hang on to it the entire time. Well I did not want to let her down so the purse stayed with me while I continued to cover myself in hay.

By the way, I did not want anything to do with the haystacks, instead I decided to hang out with all the ladies/mom. I am the one who lucked out... Can you say I got some real ATTENTION!

We finally made it on the hayride. The hour wait was not to bad considering we just played. Don't worry Ms. Shannon and Wyatt made it on the hayride too but are sitting across from us. My mom did take a photo of Ms. Shannon and Wyatt but she left it off the blog, just in case Ms. Shannon did not approve of it. While on the hayride we listened to this crazy guy tell silly jokes that made no sense to me and not many people seem to be laughing at them either. The hayride was the hit of my evening and I seemed like my friends enjoyed it as well. By the way.... my shirt glows in the dark, it is so cool, so cool that I have been wearing it almost every night since mom got it for me!

Thanks Ms. Jen for letting Adam and I hang out by you during the hayride.

We can't go to an event like this and leave without having my face painted!

Sunday, October 4, 2009 Little Lambs and Pancake Brek

Mom signed me up for Little Lambs at St. Stephen's Catholic Church. This is a religious education program that is offered for three and four year olds. The program began in September and will end in May. My mom is teaching the class twice a month and assist once a month. We are both enjoying the experience and learning a lot. Mom plans on signing me up for next years Pre-K educational classes but she will stick to teaching the Little Lambs class. Doing so will be easier on both of us! Snack Time!

Trevor is one of my really good friends. Could it be the red hair?

After Little Lambs mom, Adam and I enjoyed a pancake breakfast that the Mens Club was holding. I am sitting by Chase another Little Lambs friend.

Saturday, October 3, 2009 Sea World Spook

Another Sea World Adventure....

This trip to Sea World was a special one because Adam and I had the chance to dress up in our Halloween costumes and trick or treat through Sea Worlds Halloween Spooktacular. Sea World holds this event annually and it is a blast. Can you believe that it is the beginning of October and we still have 90 degree weather. We are going to roast today!

I decided to dress up as Snow White and Adam dressed up as an Ohio State football player. His shirt says MY FIRST OHIO STATE T-SHIRT! Mom was happy that Adam could finally wear it.

Now who can come to Sea World without greeting Shamu! I did most the talking and smiling, while Adam wanted nothing to do with Shamu.

Princess one and Princess two.

Some of the entertainment we saw as we trick or treated.

If you look really close you will notice the big knot on my head. I decided to take a dive off the couch and hit the corner of the table.

My bag is full of some candy, bananas, peanut butter and trinkets. Thank goodness mom packed me another pair of shoes because mt feet are killing me. I don't know how the princesses can walk around in glass slippers all day, their poor feet!

Scoping out the pumpkin. I am amazed at how big it is! We used to have a pumpkin like this in our yard but some kids decided to cut it.

We spent a great day with our wonderful neighbors.

A mermaid! You know me and mermaids!

Everyone was extremely hot so we decided to watch the Count, Count Down to Halloween show. I am into the show but not sure how much longer I will last, considering it is two hours past my nap time.

The famous show

Mom and I enjoying the show!

I could not keep my eyes open for the last 10 minutes of the show. Out like a light and love being in my moms arms!

Friday, October 2, 2009 Monkey Joes

Monkey Joe's is an indoor play area surrounded by bounce houses and slides. This is Sarah and my first time at Monkey Joe's. We spent the evening celebrating one of my dads Lt. sons birthday. What a great place and can't wait to go back again! Check my sis and I out. I am such a big boy! Check me out ready to slide!

I was jumping so hard that Adam could not stand up on his own. He really enjoyed me bouncing him around. I have never heard him laugh so loud, he sure did have a blast!

It is not very often mom lets me get a tattoo but considering today was a special occasion she said OK. I have been into dolphins these days so the clown put two dolphins on my arm with lots of glitter.

Check it out! Since mom is behind in blogging I need to inform you that this tattoo took forever to get off. I think after about a week of mom scrubbing it off during bath time it finally began to disappear.

Check out all the steps I am climbing all by myself. This is a very big slide one that other parents were amazed that I could do solo!

I made it and am ready to go again!

This time my sis Sarah wanted to go with me. Mom and dad could not stop laughing as they watched us.

I guess this funny monkey visits the birthday child and all the guest. Sarah and I enjoyed giving Monkey Joe a hi five or two.

Check out my driving skills. Watch out another Chorak led foot and it sure is not my mom.

September 19, 2009 Sea World The Chorak Way

My family just can not get enough of Sea World. Today our family goal is to feed the Dolphins. Out of all the times we have been to this amazing place, not once have we ventured to feed the dolphins. Well today is the day and my mom, dad, Adam and I are so excited. I have passed by Shamu a number of times but for some reason, today I caught eye of his belly button and had to give him a tickle or two.

Check it out... not only am I feeling a turtle shell but I have a turtle on my shirt. I was not brave enough to put my hand inside the shell but the outside will do for now.

I was not sure what to think about the turtle shell. I kept anticipating that the turtles head was going to pop out. Right before the lady took the shell away I decided to touch the shell.

Sarah and I watching the turtles swim. MAN.... they are bigger than me.

Most of the time I walk the park instead of ride in the stroller. To rest my legs my daddy decided to give me a piggy back ride, which I love. While walking mom saw some nice flowers and thought it would make a great photo.

On our way to see the Sea Lions and Otters. This is one area of the park we can never pass up. Today we just scoped them out and watched while others feed them.

The birds were not being so nice today, they kept stealing the fish from the Sea Lions.

Up close and personal. This little guy was so hungry and loud. He talked to me for at least five minutes. I had to walk away because he started to hurt my ear.

Picture moment. Mom tells me all the time that even though I am the little brother I am going to pass Sarah in height very, very soon. Before long people will not be able to tell who is the oldest.

Now the fun begins. Mom, dad, Adam and I have our fish and are ready to feed and touch the dolphins.

Mom got a lot of great photos and so did the people who work at Sea World. As you can see by the photo, I was not interested in holding the fish or touching the dolphin. Watching my daddy do all the work was A-Ok with me. I talked to mom and dad for a long time about all the teeth the dolphins had and how fun it was to see them so close. Maybe next time I will not chicken out.

Mom made one last attempt to get me to touch the dolphins but it was a no go. When I turn four I will do it!

September 12, 2009 Party September 13, 2009 Baby Shower

September 12, 2009 Jillian's 4th Birthday Party. and Sunday, September 13, 2009 Gerry & Katy Baby Shower!

What a wild and crazy weekend. I started the weekend by going to Jillian's fourth birthday party. Jillian came into town from Virgina in order to celebrate her big day. We celebrated at a local park and it was nice, not only to see Jillian but a lot of other friends. Mom also had a chance to catch up with friends and this always makes her smile. We did not stay at the park very long because Adam was very cranky and hungry. It was a good thing we left when we did because as we were pulling out, the rain came down. The rest of the day Adam and I spent resting and hanging out in the house, while mom organized everything for Gerry's and Katy's baby shower she is hosting tomorrow.

Having fun and catching up with my friend Ava.

The birthday girl Jillian and I being silly!

Today was the big day for two lucky moms- to- be, again! Jillian's mom Gerry and Gavin's mom Katey are both having baby boys and are due less than a week apart. (Two Different Peas in a Pod). Mom threw a little baby shower for the two lucky ladies. I did not stick around for the event, instead my dad, Adam and I went and had a little fun of our own.

Daddy, Adam and I returned right on time. Everyone was cleaning up from the party. This gave Jillian and I time to catch up. Since the weather was nice Mrs. Gerry and mom took us to the park for a little while and we had a blast. KINDA LIKE OLD TIME! Jillian, can you believe we have been friends for over three years?