Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dau 7 Tuesday, July 22nd Our Last Day In Ohio

Tuesday, July 22, 2208
Today, is our last day in Ohio so we are going to make the best of it! I finally met my godmother Meghan and she is so cool for being my second cousin! Meghan looks great for just arriving home from Australia and New Zealand. She is so lucky because she had the opportunity to see and hear the Pope speak during her trip. You would never know she was sleep deprived and ready for a can free meal!Today is the day I have been waiting for since we arrived! I finally get my hands on a White Castle. Great-Grandpa Jim and daddy treated me to a nice greasy, cheeseburger, of course without onions. Now I understand why everyone in Ohio raves about these mini burgers. Can I have another one? That is right I ate two!
GO REDS! Grandpa works with a very nice lady who has season tickets to the REDS games. So, Grandpa, daddy and mommy headed out to the new ball park. Mom raved about the seats because they sat in the lower deck between home plate and first base. Daddy finally got his hands on a Montgomery Inn barbecue sandwich. Baby Adam and I were making our own home runs with grandma back at her house! Oh I almost forgot... the Reds won after going into extra innings! GO CINCINNATI REDS!
Five rows up from home plate and first base!
Mom thinks GRIFFEY rocks but the REDS must not think like mommy because they are trading him. In the audiance you will see a guy wearing a yellow/orage hat. take a guess who he is? Yep, that is right Pete Rose! He was being honored during the game.
We finally made it home! I never knew traveling could be so exhausting!