Saturday, August 15, 2009

The air conditioning is brokenMonday 2009 and Tuesday June 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009 and Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The air conditioning is broken!


On Sunday night after we came home from visiting daddy at the fire station mommy heard a weird noise outside. When she went to find out what it was she noticed that the unit had stopped. On Monday, when daddy got home from work he called the AC guy and they said they could not make it until Tuesday. This did not seem to bother dad considering he was heading back to work. So, when mom, Adam and I arrived home there was one fan on in the house and the thermostat read 90 degrees. In order to cool down the house mom said we needed to find as many fans. We had two more in the house, so that gave us three. Still not enough, so mom, Adam and I went to all the neighbors houses and asked to borrow a fan. By the end of the night we had nine fans and the house had cooled about 7 to 10 degrees. None of us slept well that night! On Tuesday while Adam was at Mi Mi's and mom and I were at school, the AC guy and daddy spent the afternoon fixing the unit. By the time we arrived home our house was nice and cool. Thank goodness because if it was not, Adam and I were going to pack are bags and sleep in a hotel; parents or no parent!

Father's Day Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day, Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day Daddy! The morning started out with Sarah and wrestling on the couch. This is one of those photo's I will frame!
I love you Adam!

Sarah and I are sad that daddy had to work on Father's day, there should be a law against this. Although, if daddy saw the couch right now he would have a fit! Don't worry we will have it cleaned up an hour before you get home. If daddy only knew what mommy let us get away with while is working!

A am having fun making daddy a Father's day cake. My proud boy, his face says it all!

Look I can write my name. Mommy had to help me write Happy Father's Day. I think daddy is going to love his cake.

Team work, what's going to work? Team work! I love this song.

Since daddy had to work today we decided to surprise him at the fire station. I painted my foot at school and my teacher put this frame together for daddy. I just love the expression on Sarah's face.

I love my daddy so..... much!

All smiles.... I love you daddy!

We can't visit the fire station without playing on the trucks!

Sat. June 13, 2009 Garage Sale Sun. June 14, 2009 Fire Fighter Challenge

Saturday, Junt 13, 2009

The weekend always seem to be packed full of events. I am excited summer has finally arrived. I will miss my friends over the summer but glad school is out!
While mom and dad slaved over the garage sale Saturday and Sunday, my neighbors Katey, Caroline and I decided to sell some lemonade. The garage sale was a huge sucess and I sold a few of my own toys and tones of my old clothes. I had a blast putting the money I made from the lemonade sale into my piggy bank.

Sunday, June 14, 2009
On Sunday, after the garage sale the family packed up and headed towards I-Drive to watch daddy participate in the Orlando Fire Fighter Challenge.
While daddy was warming up for his event, I decided to have a starring contest.

This was to funny. Adam stood for at least 30minutes and just stared at this couple. He did not say a word and little expression, he just kept starring. Within the first 15 minutes everyone was laughing, including the couple. By now, I am starting to get imbarresed because he has never done such a thing. I wanted to know what in the world he was thinking about and why he was so intreaged. Anyway, I wish I had this event on video because I would of sent it into the Worlds Funniest Videos show.

Hanging out with the men and checking out the other team.

On your mark, get set, and GO>>>>>

Admiring daddy and his coworkers pull a fire truck!

Daddy's team came in 1st. place go Seminole County! This was a huge event that drew a huge crowd. Dad was amazed by how many other fire departments showed up. The best part about this event was Seminole County beat Orlando! The second best things is, this was the first time my daddy has every competed in such an event. He did awesome! The first place team won ten cases of what I call fire beer!