Friday, July 11, 2008

Sarah's Last Little Gym Class! Adams 4 month Appointment

Some of you may be aware that The Little Gym in Oviedo has been up for sale for some time. The bad news is, two weeks ago the owner's decide to close the Little Gym due to the economy not doing so hot. This means Miss Stacey, my teacher and all the other employees at the Gym have two weeks to find a job! To help Miss Stacey out, my mom and dad are going to have her babysit Adam and I. If anyone is interested, everything at the gym is 50 to 75 percent off. Mommy bought me my first gymnastics outfit and as a matter of fact, all the girls in my class bought them to wear during our last class. Enjoy the photos of my last class!

What happened at my last gym class? First, I let myself drop from the very top monkey bar. (Check out the videos) For a second I was a little taken back by what had happened once my 24 pound body hit the mat, then moments later; I just broke out hysterically laughing and yelling again, again, again daddy! For only being two years old, everyone says I have no fear! As the class continued, we all gathered into a circle to sing a song introducing ourselves. Which of course I usually say hello Sarah, mommy and Chad but this time I called mommy Jennifer. Daddy and mommy have never heard me say Jennifer before. To say it so clearly, not only shocked my parents but everyone in the group. As we all know I have been calling daddy, Chad for some time now; mommy says that is because Chad is an easy name to say, daddy says it is because mommy constantly says his name. Last but not least I had to say good bye to my friends but I know I will see them again. Now that one door has closed, another door has opened. I will begin tumbling classes on Saturdays at the YMCA and will keep everyone posted on what tumbling is like!

I had my four month appointment on Tuesday, July 8th. I was very good for the nurse and doctor that was until I received four shots. The pediatrician said I am a healthy four month old and am meeting all the milestones for my age group, which includes laughing, rolling over, smiling, reaching my arms and hands out to grasp items; as well as holding my head up without any support. I weight 14 pounds 10 ounces(50 percentile) my weight did drop a little because I have been fighting a cold and do not want to eat as much as usual. I am 26 inches long (90 percentile) and my head is 16 inches (20 percentile). My next appointment is at six months (September 8th) and by that time I should be starting cereal if not before!
Break down from two months old to four months old (See above for four months information.
Two Months:
Weight 10 pounds 8 ounces (25%)
Height 24 inches (90%)
Head 15 inches (20%)

Well I told everyone I would keep them posted on moms work out program. She goes to the gym six days a week and loves to attend the spinning classes. As a matter of fact she has joined Le Tour de France. Let me explain... The YMCA spin class is following what the Tour de France is doing. For example, if the tour is riding all up hill than the class is riding all up hill. Each class mommy attends she moves forward two levels; there are 21 levels all together. Now, those who complete all 21 levels before the 27th have a chance to win spin shoes, a bike seat cover, and so much more. Mom has made it to level 8 and is sooo determined to finish the tour. Wish her luck!