Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Orlando Science Center August 15, 2009

August 15, 2009 Orlando Science Center

The radio has been advertising the Mr. Potato Head Adventure exhibit at the Orlando Science Center for weeks . On my way to school every morning, I informed mom that I wanted to go. Now that mom is feeling like a brand new mommy, she surprised Adam and I and took us. This is the first time we have been to the science center and by the pictures you will see, we had a blast. Mom, Adam and I got into the Science Center for free because we donated moms old cell phone. This was a promotion that they were offering. Mom always says FREE is good!

The kids had a blast today but as a parent I expected the Mr. Potato Head exhibit to be a little better, considering how much the media talked about it. The science center itself is always a blast and since I have taken a number of school field trips here, I new exactly what my children would love to see.

The beginning of the Mr. Potato Head exhibit.

I spent most of my time playing with the black rocks. I enjoyed throwing them in and out of the pit. Don't worry, I only hit my mom a few time!

Next, I ventured to the big slide. I was content climbing up and down the steps because I was not sure about going down the slide. On a few occasion's Sarah and mommy almost got me to go down but I turned right around and ventured back down the steps. Sarah on the other hand had a blast running up the steps (pushing me out of the way) and sliding down the slide numerous times.

Then I ventured over to the fish exhibit. This was right by the slide so mom just stood back and watched Sarah and I play. I still can't figure out how I can see the water but just can't get my hands on it.

More fun stuff... Dinosaur Land. Adam and I spent some time digging for dinosaur bones.

Moving onto the reptiles... Wooo is all I could say while staring at the baby alligators. Sarah was done looking at the alligators so she decided to check out the frogs and turtles.

There is a lizard with the frog mom!

I took a break and ate some fishes while Adam check out all the shells and coral.

WOW! a tunnel just the right size for me to run through. I ran around and around until I got so tired and dizzy that I feel down. Then I wanted to go through it again but decided to be difficult by going in the opposite direction. I could not understand why all the other children kept running me over. I finally changed gears once mom decided to chase me through the tunnel, then it was a game again!

Water time! I finally figured out how to let the boat that is in my hand get through to the other side. This maze was very challenging but fun.

I had more fun getting wet than catching Sarah's boat.

Waiting for Sarah's boat and getting as much water all over me as I can. Mom tried to put a water smock on me but I had no interest in it.

Pizza anyone? Num Num!

Sarah and I enjoying the play area. Mom look.... we are playing really well with each other. Take a close up and frame it!

Now our journey at the science center has almost come to an end but we can't leave this fabulous place without going to the famous ORANGE GROVE.

Picking oranges from the orange tree.

Gathering all the oranges we can.

Sending the oranges to be squeezed and now its time to pick again.
Sarah and Adam spent an hour just in the orange grove area. This exhibit is always a hit and I am so glad we had the chance to go.

Adam, lets hide from mommy!

I am still really wet but who cares, I am determined to fix this tire!

That's a wrap! We can't wait to come again. By the way, Adam did not want anything to do with this creature!

Sarah's First Day of School 3's Program 2009-2010

August 10, 2009 First Day of School

I have been going to Page Private School since I was two. For the 2009-2010 school year I will be in the 3's program. This is going to be a great school year because my mom is going to be teaching in the same building as me. Her classroom may be on the other side of the hall but we will still get to see each other every day. I can't wait!
First Day of School! I am so excited to start a new year!

This is my teacher Ms. Anna. Mom told me that she is a awesome teacher and glad she will be teaching me this year!

What do I have to do to get a little attention around here? I got it.... Go into Sarah and my room and get all the diapers out and scatter them all over the room. Mom and dad will have no clue this is going on because they are so busy talking to Sarah about her first day of school. Boy was I wrong.... they snuck up on me with the camera and this picture says it all!