Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Three Months Old and Fifteen Pounds!

I finally have the floor! You read it right... I am fifteen pounds! Two weekends ago my sister was not feeling so hot and we had to go to the doctor. While we were there I was checked out as well. Can you say.... I am going to be big like my da da! My four month birthday is this Saturday can you believe it? Don't forget to wish me a happy birthday! I have my four month doctors appointment on June 9th and mommy and daddy have bets on how much they think I am going to weight. Don't forget to place your votes in the comment section at the bottom of the page. I think everyone is also eager to find out how long I am as well. We will keep you posted! Until then enjoy the photos! By the way... I am going on my first airplane ride. I am going to Ohio to be Baptised in less than two weeks. My grandma Denise is praying I will fit in the christening gown that has been in my family for more than 100 years. If the dress does not fit my grandma will just lay it on top of me for photos!

Three Month Facts!

Mom says: I am a wonderful baby! As long as I am fed, have a clean diaper and get to cat nap, I am happy as a clam. Everyone loves my smile and says I smile all the time. I have been sleeping through the night for about a month now. I am no longer nursing because I require to much food, like 8oz already. My mom could not keep up with my demand, especially once she returned to work in May. I have found my feet and love to hold them. I have just started to roll over. I love my thumb but sometimes take a pacifier. I love to laugh out loud and be tickled but most of all my belly laughs are what make mommy cry! I enjoy going to MiMi (Miss Anna's the lady who watches me). I do not sleep as much as I should because I don't want to miss anything. I really have a blast watching the kids in the pool but what is up with everyone touching my head. Mi Mi really needs to get those kids under control. Until next time!

We went to a swim party at my sisters friends Maddy house. This was my first time in a swing. Well besides the one in my house!
Overall man! Don't ask me why the fire truck is upside down. That could be why this outfit was on the clearance rack at Gymboree. Grandma and mommy should of looked a little closer before buying it! All the ladies still thought I looked too cute in it though.

I found my toes and can't get enough of them!
I no longer sleep in the same bed as my mom and dad. I now sleep in a bassinet next to my moms side of the bed. After the Ohio trip my sister is moving into her big girl bed and I am taking her crib. Wish me luck or should I say wish my sister luck!
The beginning stages of me rolling over. I made it all the way over the other day.
Listening to my sister read me the story Brown Bear Brown Bear! She can really read the entire story!
Watching everyone swim at Mi Mi's. I love hanging out in my diaper and playing ball!
I love my thumb can't you tell!