Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 9 Ohio Trip December 30, 2008

Day 9 Ohio Trip December 30, 2008


We are leaving in the morning! Today was another busy day in Ohio. We started our adventure by going to the Natural History Museum in Cincinnati. We visited the kids museum and the holiday train exhibit. This is a photo of me was taken at the kids museum. I walked through a cave and inside it was a tree. The whole in the tree was a secret place the fish were hiding. Mom could only see me through the glass. I went through this tree at least three times!
Admiring Grandmas earings!

I had so much fun. The goal is for me to pull on the rope the harder a pull the more balls go into maze and drop onto the floor. This place was a zoo... we did not stay in this section for very long.

In the children's museum there are a variety of stations for example a doctors and vet office. A grocery store, diner, house, school and the list goes on and on. I played at each station but mom had so many photos she decided to only show the photo of me in the diner.

Having a blast playing with Legos. There is a video at the end do not forget to check it out!

What another fun game. The goals was to roll the ball to the person standing at the other end. Using two balls was more challenging.

Driving grandpa to the doctor!

Hanging out with grandpa in the play area that is designed for little ones like me.

Look at this huge water table. There is a video at the end that shows more details, be sure to take a look!

Climbing in the air, I am not jocking there is nothing below me but peoples heads. Check out the video below, I will amaze you!

Every year the Museum has a special holiday train exhibit so grandpa and me thought we would check out some of the trains.

Daddy took be to the top of the museum to watch all the real trains. This was really fun!

When we got home from the museum mom and dad took me to see my second cousin Kristin cheer during a basketball game.

Go Falcons! I want to be a cheerleader too!

Check out the videos below!

Take a look at the videos!
Adam playing with legos

Sarah playing at the huge water table and climbing, you have to check out how high I am.

Day 8 Ohio Trip December 29, 2008

Day 8 Ohio Trip December 29, 2008
Sorry the captions are a little messed up not sure what is going on!

Mom and day took me to the Cincinnati zoo to see the Festival of Lights. Adam spent some alone time with Grandma and Grandpa.

I went to the Festival of lights two years ago but for some reason I missed all the fun creatures to hug. Like Rudolph!

Family photo. This tree was sooo tall!

I visited the zoo post office and wrote a thank you note to Santa.

Putting stickers on my thank you note. I told Santa I loved my Ariel doll.
Mailing my letter!

I want to do it all by myself!

Looking at Santa's Reindeer

They sure are hungry and tired.

Soring like an Eagle on the Carousel ride.

While in the kiddie zoo I had a blast looking at all the ginger bread houses

Visiting Mrs. Claus. We did not have time to listen to her tell stories but she did take a minute to let me give her a hug and sit on her lap!

We met up with my second cousin Meghan.

I look like a peanut compared to this nutcracker.

Had a blast at the zoo and can not wait to come back in 2010!

I am not sure what to think of Mr. Penguin!

On our way out we saw Mr. Walrus. I had a great time and can't time. Thank you Meghan for spending time with me at the zoo.


Day 7 Ohio Trip December 28, 2008

Day 7 Ohio Trip December 28, 2008

Chad and I spent Sunday at the Bengals game. Thank you Uncle Don and Aunt Cathy for the tickets. We enjoyed spending time with the family! The seats were to die for!

Chad is taking it all in. He loved looking at the high rise people mover behind him.

This was the half time game. How cool! Little Adam will hopefully be able to do something like this when he is older.

Left to right: Cousin Kevin, David and Kristin. Looking at this pictures brings tears to my eyes! I can't get over how big the three of you are. I remember when I used to change your diapers!

After the game Chad and I went to Montgomery Inn and had some ribs. Chad was really impressed and can't wait to go again! Thank you mom and dad for watching Sarah and Adam so we could have some mommy and daddy time!