Saturday, February 7, 2009

Day 6 Ohio Trip December 27, 2008

Day 6 Ohio Trip December 27, 200 Today was a very busy day! We started our day off going to Downtown Cincinnati to see the trains. After that we picked up Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Drew and Suzy and went ice skating.

Hanging out with Uncle Drew while he searches for directions to Fagels Jewelers. Aunt Suzy and Uncle Drew are going to get some jewelry cleaned, while we go to see lots of holiday trains.

We made it we are at the Duke Energy Holiday train show Downtown Cincinnati. Look... the set up has a special place for me to see the cho cho's! A really nice lady who works at the exhibit gave me a sugar cookie, my favorite!

Look at all the Holiday Trains.... Look chug a chug a cho cho!


Having a super time! I still have my cookie!

I am really tired but really like looking at anything move!

Family Photo!

Enjoying feeding the pigeons.

My first time ice skating and I am so excited! Uncle Drew is helping me get my skates! Great idea Drew!

Do they have my size? Yep, the same size as my show; size 7! Yep I have big feet just like my daddy. I hope they don't get much bigger since I am such a petite thing.

Look at my ice skate... I am ready to hit the ice!

Hi everyone! I am having a blast looking at my sister, mom, grandpa, grandma, uncle, and aunt ice skate. Daddy and I are just hanging out in the rink getting really cold! From the photo you can see the cold has not phased me yet!

Grandma and Grandpa showing me how it is done.

Mommy and Aunt Suzy are warming up on the ice! It has been years since mom has ice skated. Daddy is taking the photo from the bleachers. Daddy could not join us because the rink did not carry a size 17! That is no typo~

Loving every minute of it!

Grandma pushing me around. I love my little support system. Who every came up with this invention is probably a millionaire.

Look Below for VIDEOS

Ice Skating Videos!

Day 5 Ohio Trip December 26, 2008

This ball is almost as big as I am! What another fun filled day in Ohio. I certainly stay busy when I visit my grandparents. I have been in Ohio for 5 days. Today is the day after Christmas and my family decided to go bowling. Mom was telling me the other day that it is very rare that families with so many generations get together,like we do. When I say family I mean great uncles and aunts, second cousins, second cousins grandmas, great aunt and uncles. That does not include my aunt and uncles, grandparent's, brother and parents. Can you keep up with all the generations because I sure can't! Not that I really understand all this but what I do get, is that Adam and I are truly blessed with lots of people who love us!

Daddy is helping me bowl!

The men hanging out and I am ready to order some food! That is right I am ready to eat again!

Look I am doing it all by myself!

I got really tired of throwing the ball so mommy found me this cool stand. I then became the energizer bunny until it was time to leave.

Hanging out with my Great-Uncle Denny while my parents bowl.

Look at all the lanes are family took up.

Enjoying time with my God Mother Meghan.

After bowling we all came back to my Great Uncle Dons house so the adults could get ready to attend a viewing. It is the day after Christmas and my family is going to pay their respects to my second cousin's Jimmy's aunt. She has been battling cancer and now is with the angles. My second cousin Kristin and Megan are going to watch Adam and I, while my parents are at the viewing. When they return we are going to eat Mexican, the left overs from Christmas. I can't wait! I think I love Mexican so much because when I was in moms belly Mexican is all she ate. That was when she could keep food down.

Watching the train set!

I love trains. Thanks Meghan for watching me!

Look at all these Legos. This set that I am playing with is my second cousin David's who is 12. My great Aunt Cathy always has toys handy to share.

Day 4 Ohio Trip Christmas Day December 25, 2008

Santa came and he ate my cookies and drank my milk! Be sure to check out Adam and my matching PJ"S

I am in love with the paper.

My reaction was worth a million words. I only asked Santa for an Ariel doll and I got it!

My school had a Santa workshop so I could buy gifts for my family. I took $10.00 from my piggy bank to buy mom, dad, grandma and grandpa something for Christmas. On Christmas morning I gave grandma a pin that says grandma on it and I gave grandpa a pen that says grandpa.

I am done playing with the paper and ready to play with my cars! Vroom!!!!

I am a princess mommy, look I am sleeping beauty!

Hanging out with Aunt Suzy and Uncle Drew Watching the Christmas Parade! I love oranges!

A true Christmas smile! Do you like the cut on my head? I decided to take Sarah's stroller for a drive and I wanted to go left and it wanted to go right and in the end the stroller won.

Hanging out with my God Father Kevin. Go Ohio State!

Being entertained by my Great-Uncle Don!

Watching all the entertainment in the kitchen!

Part of this years Christmas celebration involved having a guac off taste test!

The three competitors waiting anxiously for the results.
Uncle Drew, Great-Aunt Lisa and Great Uncle Robert!

The winner is!



Celebrating Christmas dinner with lots of family!

and more family!

After dinner I built an Ariel castle with my second cousin Kristin.

Watching the adults open gifts and enjoying some desert!

Playing my new Elephant game!

I am enjoying Sarah's pretend food but look at the three amigos in the back. I think they are having more fun playing with my new toy!

Giving my God Mother Meghan some love.

All of our second cousins, which would make them my moms cousins, she sure is old!

Today has been a long and fun day but I can't go to sleep without everyone giving me some love first.

Christmas comes to an end!