Sunday, January 17, 2010

Grandma Linda Has Arrived From Vegas

It is not very often that Adam and I see our grandmas together, especially since Grandma Nise lives in Ohio and Grandma Linda lives in Vegas. Even though the grandmas were together for less than an hour, it was still worth it. Now it is time for us to say good bye to Grandma Nise and thank her for taking care of Adam and I. Grandma Nise sure did get a work out while she was at our house but who wouldn't, after doing the laundry , dishes, cleaning the house, lifting Adam and I; and especially taking care of mommy while her boo boos got better. Now it is time for Grandma Linda to take over........... Good luck as grandma Nise said, we are a handful!

This photo was taken at the Orlando airport. The grandmas flights were not far apart, so everyone visited for awhile, well except mom because she was resting at home. Grandma Nise took the time to get her last hugs from Adam and I. As well as, fill Grandma Linda in with what to expect while at our house for the next three and half weeks. By the end of the conversation is all I heard was..... LINDA YOUR GOING TO BE TIRED!

Grandma Linda has arrived and is looking and feeling great! See grandma was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and for now it only affects her arm and hand. She is a strong grandma and working through it.

Daddy and grandma set up the pool because mommy wanted to get outside for some fresh air. Mom had a great time laughing and smiling at Sarah and I while resting in her chair.

Daddy hooked up a mini sprinkler and I had fun not only getting myself wet but.......

my sister! Sarah did not seem to mind one bit. That could because she believes she is a mermaid any time she hits the water!

Mom is feeling more like herself, so she decided to get out of the house and go with daddy to his award banquet. Doesn't my daddy look really nice in his formal Fire Fighter outfit? While at the banquet grandma Linda, Adam and I had fun entertaining one another. We were actually surprised at how early mommy and daddy returned from their mini night out. Little did daddy know that people would be sitting on bleachers or in hard metal chairs, during the event. Mommy did not handle this well because it hurt her boo boos, so they left early and mommy went right to bed.

Family out for breakfast!

It is time to say goodbye to Grandma Linda. We will all miss her, especially her big boy CHAD! We can't thank her enough for all she has down the last three and half weeks. Adam and I loved all the attention and will miss you lots.

Saying goodbye is never easy! Kisses, big squeeze, love you grandma!

Grandma Linda sure did get a work out while at our house. She did a great helping mommy since she can't lift, bend or pull anything. Thanks again for keeping the house in order, even though Adam and I always seemed to mess it up with all of our toys! By the way.... doesn't my mommy look GREAT! IT IS THE SUMMER OF CHORAK!