Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Snap Shots

Cheese.... I love to smile!

Do you like my pony tail?

Hop Hop Hop, I love to hop!

Look how long I am! Mommy traced my body with chalk so I could she how tall I am. We would show you a picture but mommy deleted the photo on accident.

Learning How To Ride A Bike

Grandma Denise and Grandpa Bob bought me a bike while visiting. So far so good!

Check out my new helmet! I still like to put my feet on the ground. Don't worry I'll get the hang of this peddling stuff.

I still like to turn with my feet. Still fining my comfort zone!

Going up hill is hard work!

Riding down will and the bike is doing all the work thank goodness!

This is sooo much fun!

Pactice makes perfect and don't worry I will be peddaling soon.

Grandpa Bob and Grandma Denise Visit Florida

We finally meet!

Snuggling with the granparents.

Grandma Denise, mommy, baby Adam and I spent the day at the zoo!

Grandma and I are looking a mama and baby porcupine!

I love feeding the goats and sheep!

What is that?

Ok, I guess I take a closer look!

Lunch time!

Check out my hat!

Getting warmed up!

Watching my crazy sister and mommy run around in water. I think I stay with my grandma and just watch.

I finally got wet once mommy did and from that point on there was no turning back!

Oh no! The bucket got me mommy.

That was fun lets do it again!

I get to go to the park too!

I love to go down this slide but gandma going down the slide with me makes me belly laugh.

Check out our hair...

Monkey Monkey... This is what I say eveytime I want to swing and climb on the monkey bars.

Gandpa and I are fixing my crib. We won't talk about why!

Saying good bye is not always easy! Grandpa going on airplane. Grandpa you may not reconize me when you see me in July.

Night Out On The Town

Fun In The Sun