Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Our day was packed full of adventure. First, we went to the YMCA, mommy and daddy worked out while I did art projects and played musical chairs in the child development center. Baby Adam just watched from the swing as all the crazy kids were having fun. Oh, let me back up for a moment. For those of you who do not know, mom and dad decided to join the YMCA about two weeks ago. The Y is a perfect fit for our family and also gives mommy a chance to loose weight before Joys wedding. Yes, that is right Joy is finally getting married and mommy is soooo excited. (Joy has been my moms’ friend since high school so about 15 years).

Mom and dad are doing so well on Weight Watchers and working out everyday. As a matter of fact, mommy took a "spin" class the other night for the first time. She would have never done it if it weren't for our neighbor Tiffany and my friend Emily's mom Renee. They did a great job setting her up on the bike and from the sounds of it mom loved the ride. She told daddy he has to try it, well that was until today because her legs were so sore. Don't worry I will keep everyone posted on her progress! Now back to the Fourth of July adventures. Daddy promised me he would take me into the big pool at the Y once he finished working out. By the photos you will see I had a blast! Baby Adam and mommy just watched from the side lines as I laughed, kicked, and splashed. After we left the Y we all had lunch and took a nap in order to prepare for the fire work show Mr. Troy and daddy put on at Mr. Pete's house.

What really went down on the 4th of July? Just picture what Fourth of July is like with all fire fighters! Well, imagine watermelons being blown up, lots of smoke and fires being put out. This year I was not as interested in the sparklers and I had to sit on my mommy's lap because I did not like the loud boom booms. I did enjoy repeating the cheer "fire cracker, fire cracker boom, boom,” which I learned from my friends. As the night went on I became more comfortable and started to clap and shout more fire crackers! Enjoy the photos!

Watching my big sis in the pool.
One, two three go!

I did it! Look at me !
Don't let go! I said don't let go!

Cheese, I love this park. That is what I call swing sets.
The Cheetah Girls!
I love happy cakes!
Isabella holding me for the first time.
Family photo!
Firefighter Matt giving me some love. We really need to find him a lady!
Hanging out in Sophia's room watching Dora!
Nichole.. you are so cute!
Mrs. Angela finally got me to sleep. She sure does have the touch!
It's time for the annual watermelon explosion!
Fire cracker, fire cracker, boom... boom... boom Mr. Troy and daddy big kids at heart!
Playing with the Kiser the dog!
Glow in the dark dancing.
Cool mommy, look yellow and pink! That is right I know my colors!
Half of the gang enjoying the show!
The famous grand finally, which involves lighter fluid, match and everyone taking shelter; that is except for the fire fighters. They are standing off to the side with hoses.
The grand finally!