Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Start of the Big Party! Our Birthday Party

March 7, 2009
Today is the big day that we have been waiting for! We are celebrating my 1st. birthday and Sarah's 3rd. Birthday. We can't wait to have fun picking strawberries with our friends. Sarah and I waiting for all our friends. We are hanging out with grandma while daddy and mommy get everything set up! This is going to be a blast!

Mom told everyone we would begin by 10:05 and we did. Well I should say , I did because I could not resist the taste of this big, ripe, juicy strawberry. By the way Ms. Shannon, mom gives you a lot of credit for being the first one to arrive. You got the point!
Oh, sorry mom the handle on the basket was a great idea for the big kids but I'll just stick to holding onto to the basket.

I am on the hunt for some ripe berries!

Ms. Renee, Maddy and Emily looking for a good batch!

Hanging out with my neighbor Katey while mom takes some photo's and I continue to eat. Who said don't eat the berries before you wash them. This is the best part people!

Ms. Lindy you look absolutely awesome! I could not even tell you just gave birth to twins.

Mr. Michele and Nicole picking away, trying to find the perfect one!

Jillian is all smiles and styles for the camera. Ms. Gerry thanks for taking so many photos at the party! Mom says you were a life saver but you already know that.

Emily found the perfect one!

A group of us picking away. Mrs. Shannon doing what comes natural to her. Cheese!

Grandma Denise is visiting from Ohio. I am so glad she came to celebrate my first birthday.

Mom and me bounding while I have another bite!

Mom is busy at work writing every one's name on their basket. Next time she will already have this done. She learned a good lesson, then again she can't be super mom all the time! We are ready to weight our goodies and enjoy some cake!

Handing out while Pappy is doing a head count. Be sure to check out the next page of Adam and I enjoying our birthday cakes!

Part Two of Adam's 1st B-Day and Sarah's 3rd. B-Day

March 7, 2009
Part two of our big day! We had a blast picking strawberries not it is time to did into our cake's and have some more phone talking with our friends. A little surprised by all the people! Just taking it in and then again, I am a man of few words. Not sure what to make of all this.

I wish I could walk! I want to get out of this chair and find some more berries. Who cares about this cake! I am hungry but I guess I'll settle for this plastic birthday wrap stuff while grandma poses for a picture!

As you can see by my face, I could not wait to dig into this big cake.

This is my special number one cake that my daddy made by hand. He did a great job!

Well daddy was going to make my cake but mom and him just decided to stick with Publix!

I love my cake and I am so happy Ariel could be here with me to celebrate my 3rd. birthday.

Thank you grandma for coming to celebrate my third birthday with me.

Adam is trying to be the first one to taste my cake. No Adam, you have your own!

Enjoying cake and snacks with my friends.

Just a view of all the excitement!

I don't know who was more eager to open the gifts..

Very interested in what is inside this big box.

Reading all my favorite stories!

Thanks grandma and grandpa for the Disney dresses. Now my set is complete.

Grandma and grandpa your the best. I love shoes but these glass slippers are the best. Next year grandpa Bob next year!

Thank you grandma for my back pack sleeping bag. I can't wait to use it at the beach house in June!

My favorite!

Trucks.. my speed!

Already trying to boggy board.

Reading to anyone who will listen.

I love cars!

That is a rap... Thanks for coming to Sarah an my party and thanks for all the cool gifts!