Saturday, June 6, 2009

May 2009 Fun Beach, School Play, Fishing, Joy and Verray Visit

May 2009 Fun Beach, School Play, Fishing, Joy and Verray Visit
Over Memorial Day Weekend moms friends Joy and Verray flew in from Indiana to visit us. Mom and her friends made the best of the trip considering all it did was rain. On Saturday, they went to the outlet mall and mom bought me a pair of Crocs. After shopping all day they ventured to City Walk and got a drink at Margritaville and ate dinner at Bubba Gumps. By now you may be wondering who took care of Adam and I. On Saturday dad stayed home with us until 6pm and then our baby sitter Jena came over, until mom got home.

The sun is up it is a miracle! On Sunday, I was really upset because I couldn't go to Cocoa beach with the girls. I guess it was not that bad hanging out with Adam and dad. After mom and her friends got back from the beach everyone hung out at our house. We had chicken and steak on the grill, corn on the cob and beans. After dinner I learned how to play the game Phase 10. Thanks Verray for helping me out! Goodbyes are always hard but we will see you guys soon.

May stands for more marvelous memories. So far we have enjoyed time at the beach, especially since the weather has been warm. Also this month, I have participated in my second recital at school. Finally, I went fishing with my daddy.

What a day! My dad picked me up from school right after nap time. He and I headed over to the beach so we could watch the space shuttle launch. While waiting for the shuttle to launch, we spent some time fishing. Daddy and I learned a few things along are adventure. First, always bring back up batteries for the camera. Dad only got two pictures during our day together because his camera died. Daddy was not so happy! Second, be sure to have a first aid kit on hand. After fishing I took my shoes off and went in the water. While walking around, I did not see a big log and I tripped right over it. I cried for a very long time because I had a very big cut on my leg, plus it would not stop bleeding. Finally, if the car is parked far away, begin walking back to the car before the rain, thunder and lightning decide to attack you.

All and all, I had a great time watching the rocket and of course caught my first fish. I can't wait to go fishing with daddy again but this time I will have my own fishing rod. Plus, we will be more prepared. Don't worry I will keep dad in check.

This years Spring Show theme was Patriotic. My class performed the song Yankee Doodle Dandy. I remembered all the words and movements. Mom tried to upload the video but it won't save. Don't you like my hat and apron? One of my friends moms made them for all the girls in my class.

This is me singing "This is America" along with the 2's, 3's, and Pre-K students.

We usually go to Cocoa beach but mom and dad decided to take Sarah and I to New Smyrna beach. We went to a special location that no one could drive their cars on the sand. As you can see by my smile, I can't get enough of the sun, water and sand!

Shells and more shells.

Break time! Our belly's are rumbling, rightly so, considering we have been none stop for an hour. Don't you love Adam's watermelon face.

Now I will take a break in the big blue chair since my sister was in it forever. Mom always says "monkey see monkey do Adam" She really needs to get over this monkey addiction.

I am not sure what to think about this. I am always on the move and being trapped is got me a little worried.

See ya later guys!

After we loaded the car up, we headed over to the inland because word had it there were some Manatees and Dolphins there. We did see a few but they had moved further out towards sea. Maybe we will get a closer look next time.

More April Fun! Zoo & Belly Busters

More April Fun! Zoo & Belly Busters

My friend Jillian, who I have known since I was a baby is moving to Virgina. Jillian's daddy got a really good job offer, which her family could not pass up. Especially now that Jillian is going to be a big sister. The week before she moved, Adam and I tried to spend as much time with Jillian. First, we spent some time at the zoo and then later in the week, a group of us wished Mrs. Gerry and Jillian our last goodbyes at Belly Busters. I only wish I could join daddy when he helps Gerry and Jillian load the truck. Good Luck!

On Tuesday nights, kids eat free at Belly Busters. This is a really cool place because the Hot wheels guy comes so kids can race cars. Karaoke on stage is fun times too.

Joining in on the fun! Everything that my sister does I have to do too.

I'm a rock star!

All smiles!

American Idol, here we come!

By the end of the night we were going crazy. Every time cars would fly down the track, all of us would raise our hands and scream really loud. What entertainment.

This is a side view of Jillian, Ava, myself, and Macy living life to the fullest.

As soon as we entered the zoo we found this fluffy, soft, black bunny.

Feeding the animals is right up there with the splash grounds. One, two, three and toss!

Stop running away... I want a closer look!

Mom would not give me any more food because I decided to feed myself, instead of the animals.

Some UCF students were doing community service hours at the zoo. Recycling / Go Green was part of the project they were promoting. Jillian and I enjoyed jumping on top of the wood and hearing the cans crunch.

Look at all these cans. Don't forget to recycle!

The last time we came to the zoo, I decided to stand on this alligator and fell off. I had a nice shiner for a few days. This time, mom only had to give me the eye and I got the point. I am pleased to announce, I left the zoo in one piece.

The Zoo splash grounds, my favorite. This is one of the many places we spend our time because we have annual passes. With the weather hot, hot, hot... the zoo is a great place be this summer. This is the second time I have been to the splash grounds since it has opened and each time I do not hesitate getting wet.

April 9-12 2009 School party, coloring eggs, & bath time, CW Beach, & Easter. April 17 Relay for Life

Photo's have been added to this page because mom found her missing disk that had pictures she just had to share!

So far the month of July has been filled with my School Party, Coloring Easter Eggs, Bath Fun, Visiting Family at Clearwater Beach, Enjoying Easter With The Family and Attending The Lake Mary/Heathrow Relay For Life.

Friday, April 17, 2009
After mom got home from work, we headed out to the Relay for Life event. This is an event that mom and dads work have participated in for the past four years. My sister has attending the last few years but I am the rookie here.

The Seminole County Relay For Life Booth.
Daddy is having a really long conversation with this fire dog. He acts like he knows him or something.

Mom and I having a blast! One, two and three!

I did it! Let's go again!

This time I am all on my own. I can do it, I can do it. I made it to the top of the slide all by myself.

I went down all by myself! While I continued to slide mom and Sarah went to have their face painted. I had so much fun I did not want to leave and when it was time, I screamed and cried.

Checking out the wonderful art work on my face.

Yep, a butterfly!

Daddy bought us glow necklaces. This is a good teething ring thanks!

We ran into my school friend Dryden, so we decided to go fishing together.

We won!

Seminole County Fire Department (this is who daddy works for), was one of the top three companies to raise the most money for this wonderful event. The FD raised more money this year because they set up mini booths all around and sold really good food. Great Job!

Happy Easter April 12, 2009
We are off to church. We wish everyone one a safe and Happy Easter!
I am all ready for church. This is the dress and doll Grandma Linda and Pa Pa Bob gave me for the birthday. I love the fact that Madeline and I match, oh by the way Madeline is my new found friend.

Family Photo.... Happy Easter. This photo was taken outside St. Stephens church after mass. Let me down!

After mass we celebrated Easter brunch at Chili's. I decided to taste a lemon and this is what I thought about it!

Saturday, April 11, 2009
Today mommy and I drove to Clearwater Beach to visit my Great Uncle Don, Great Aunt Cathy, Second Cousin Kritin and David. The plan was for Daddy and Adam to join us but Adam had was really sick. So the boys stayed home and rested and the girls went sun bathing.
My Great Uncle Don playing in the ocean with me.

Swimming in the pool with my Second Cousin Kristin. Mom can't believe that she is going to be 16 years old soon.

After a long day at the beach we were all very hungry, so we headed to a bite to eat. I hung out with Krisin and her friend Meghan. After dinner, mom and started back home by 8 and we made it home about 11pm. I don't remember much because I was as snug, as a bug, in a rug in dressed in my PJ's and out like a light in my car seat. Thanks Leesmans for a fun filled day. Hope to see you next year!

Friday, April 10, 2009
My school party!
Now that I am in school, I get to enjoy all types of party's. For our Spring party, I enjoyed coloring eggs, going on a egg hunt and visiting with the bunny. My teacher Mrs. Christine bought my friends and I the cool shades we are wearing. I had a blast on the egg hunt and could not believe how many goodies I got. By the way, the basket I am holding is not mine. Thank goodness my teacher had extra baskets because mom left mine at home on the counter. Our mornings can get a little crazy. Mom starts her morning at 5:45 in order to get herself, Adam and I ready. We are out the door by 7:15, to Mi Mi's by 7:30am and then to school by 8:00am.

These are all my friends. Believe it or not, I am one of the youngest ones!

After mom picked me up from Mi Mi's, Sarah and I had a blast coloring eggs. Since it was such a nice night out, mom decided to take this project outside. Thank goodness she did because I was not interested in coloring eggs. Instead, all I wanted to do was roll, break, and eat the eggs.

Just one of the many pictures mom has of me destroying eggs.

Sarah on the other hand had the time of her life decorating eggs.

My hands are proof that I had a blast coloring eggs. Mom thinks my hands will stay green until the end of April. I think the bath bubbles will take the green away.

Look at all my hard work, which of course I did all by myself. Mom says I am her Mrs. Independent, what ever that means.

Mom surprised Sarah and I by putting plastic eggs in the tub. This is what my sister had to say. "Your silly mom"!

Full of smiles! Sarah is making me laugh as she fills up the eggs and pours them over her head. Silly Sis.

What a great bath time, although I am not to sure about this green water.

By the way... mom is not happy because she can not find our family Easter pictures. She has torn the house apart wondering what Adam and I have done with the memory chip.