Friday, June 5, 2009

Saturday, April 4, 2009 April Fun! Emily's 3rd Birthday Party

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The beginning of April Fun!

I had a blast showing off my Independence. I made it to the top, all by myself!

Emily and I showing off. Ready, set, and go!

Daddy had to work today so mom was in charge of Sarah and I. Mi Mi, she is the the women who watches me during the week came to the party too. Her and I had a blast bouncing.

Trying really hard to not slip.

I made it!

I am all into copying everything my sister does and I was sure to let mom know how much I wanted to go down the slide. Thanks Mi Mi for helping me up the slide.

All smiles! I DID IT!

Part One Universal Studios and Island of Adventure

March 28, 2009 Universal Studios and Island of Adventures.

One of moms coworkers gave her free Universal Studios tickets. I guess her son works at Universal and he gets a certain amount of free tickets each month. This is the first time Sarah and I have been to Universal and Island of Adventures. I can't say the same for mom and dad. They have been to this Theme park on a number of occasions. As a matter of fact, in 2000 they had their rehearsal dinner at the Hard Rock restaurant located at City Walk. Enjoy the photos because there are a lot of them. We spent most of our time in the kids section.

Universal was celebrating Mardi Gras. I saw lots of decoration and people wearing beads. We were going to stay late at Universal to see the Mardi Gras parade but the park was packed, because some famous rock star was preparing to perform tonight.

After making to the back of the park were all the kids stuff was, mom, dad, Adam and I decided to watch the animal show.

Checking out all the animals and action going on on stage. The picture below will show you what I am looking at.

The animals on this stage have been trained to be in movies or will be.

I made it half way.

Mom and I on a very big roller coaster.

Mom put her hands up, so I did the same. I only put them down when we went around the bend. This ride was blast and if the line was shorter we would of rode the ride two more times. Mom told me that when I am big enough her and I will ride some bigger roller coasters. For now, I stick to the Woody Wood Pecker ride.

Our next adventure was to the Curious George area. This part of the park had a splash ground. There was so much to see and do, we decided to pass on getting wet.

Instead we went inside what I called the "ball machine palace". It was great, every place I looked, I saw balls and could shoot them at anyone. Some long tube also suck up the balls when I them inside. The best part was the tube then shoot the balls out in all different direction. Adam and I loved when the balls fell on our heads.

For some reason this tube decided to blow air out at me. I tried my hardest to get close enough to it but the air was blowing way to hard.

Blasting daddy away!

Jaws of Life.... Mom did not think I would have anything to do with this shark but I proved her wrong.

How I love carmel apples. I wish I could taste more than just the carmel. Can someone help me out?

I thought daddy was tall!
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