Saturday, May 30, 2009

Part Two Island Of Adventures

We finally made it to Seuss Landing, which is located in Island of Adventure. Mom and dad can't believe Adam and I have made it this long. Why wouldn't we... We are having the time of our life. This park did not have much for Adam and I to do but don't worry, when we are a little older we will come back. I really wanted to go on the Spiderman ride but I was just not tall enough. I threw a fit because Spiderman is one of my new found heroes. My fit ended once we arrived to Seuss Landing! Going to Seuss Landing last was a great idea because there were only a few rides we could ride. Considering Adam and I were getting a little tired I have to say, mom and dad planned it right. Little did I know, that the only reason they did plan it this way was because some American Idol girl (Kelly Clarkson) (SP) was playing at Universal Studios and they did not want us to get caught up in the chaos.
When we entered Seuss Landing my eyes got as big as baseballs. The excitement was written all over my face, which could not stop me from running I got to the Seuss Landing sign. Enjoy the photos.

1 Fish, 2 Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. Mom and I stood in line for about 25minutes. This was really hard for me to do. First off, I do not like to wait. Second, Give me a break I just turned three, I still do not understand why I can't get on the ride when it stops, even though there are people in front of us. Once I got on the ride, I had a blast. I did not mind the water a bit. Mom and I laughed so much and daddy took some great photos. Mom said she was having so much fun watching me on the ride, she forgot to listen to the directions. This is why I was so wet when we got off the ride. Dad told me the reason we are so wet is because mom was so hot she needed to cool off. Either way, we had fun and I wanted to ride it again. That was until I saw all the Dr. Seuss characters.

The one and only Cat and -in the Hat. I recognized him right away because mommy and I read his books all the time.

I had a blast listening to the Dr. Seuss story. Adam on the other hand did not know what to think of the show. He just stayed with mommy and daddy.

Not sure what to think! The Grinch and I had a staring contest and I won.

Trying to have another staring contest but One Thing and Two Thing were just interested in looking at daddy while he took a photo. There goes my sister again, all smiles. What is she so happy about.

Adam decided to eat a snack while daddy and I rode a ride together.

By 5pm everyone was hungry, hot and tired. I decided to chase the water so I could cool down. I got so wet that mom had to change me from head to toe. Which included my shoes. so as much as I wanted to walk out of the park, I had to ride in the stroller. We had a great time and can't wait to come again. I bet you think our day has come to an end. Nope! Mom and dad always have something up their sleeves. See Daddy got a last minute invitation to a family fun firefighter party. Mom was a little hesitant about attending because she thought Adam and I would be a mess but we proved her wrong. We slept in the car during the hour drive, once we arrived to the party at 6pm, to moms surprise, we had our second wind. We ate, played and by the time 9pm rolled around we were ready for bed. I hope you enjoyed hearing about the Chorak's family fun day. Miss everyone and can't wait to see you soon!

More March Fun!

March has been a very busy month for Adam and I. The good news is I started ballet and dance. For my birthday I got a ballet outfit and shoes. I also got a ballet bag from the Leesman family. Thanks so much. Now the bad news is, since mom is so far behind in posting on the blog, many of you may already know that tap and ballet class did not work out. To make a long story short, I am going to give it another try next year. I did attend four classes and below are a few pictures. My friend Mady and I enjoying our first day of ballet. As you can see I do not have tights on but don't worry, I will have them for the next class. Mom looked high and low for a pair but could not find any tights in my size.

Super excited about my first class.

I am hanging out with my mom, while my sister is doing the dance thing. I think am having as much fun as her, just throwing rocks into the water fountain.

When I got home from dance class, there was a big box waiting at our door. It was addressed to Adam and I. Uncle Pat and Aunt Hillary sent Adam and I birthday gifts. Look.... my very own jewelry box. As soon as I opened it I saw my name and spelled it to mom and dad. I then went into the house and found all my special gems. Now my jewelery box is complete! What a great birthday gift. Mom says we have to keep it up high so it does not get broken. Don't worry it is in a spot that is high enough for me to reach but not Adam! Thank goodness because he loves to play with all my toys, then again I love his toys too.

Trucks and more trucks. A boys best friend! I threw a fit when it was time to put my trucks away.

More birthday gifts. Mom says I am very blessed to have so many people who love me. When we were in South Carolina my God Mother Mary gave Adam and I our birthday gifts. Mom thought it would be a good idea to open them when we got back home. Thanks Ratterman's for the Hello Kitty note book and the cool apron. As soon as I saw the apron I said "S" for Sarah. We all know how much I love to cook and now that I have my very own kitchen, this apron has made a great accessory. Now that I wear my apron every time I cook, I have been asking mom and dad why they are not wearing theirs. Mom told me that we will have to buy daddy one for fathers day. Don't tell him because this is a special surprise. Adam and I are going to put our hand prints all over a white apron. Cool right?

Take a closer look!

Well our birthday fun has not come to an end. My Great Aunt Debbie and Uncle Robert gave Adam and I these really cool bath toys. I have never seen anything like it. Is all we do is push a button and water spits out! Another really cool idea. Thanks!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Part 1 Going to Beaufort for Baby Jude's Baptisim. March 21, 2009

We have had another crazy weekend and this time I mean crazy. Friday night we went to the Disney live show to celebrate my third birthday. Then my mom, Adam and I woke up really earlier on Saturday morning so we could leave for our short trip to South Carolina. I mean short trip because we are leaving Saturday and coming home on Sunday since mom and dad have to be at work on Monday. Did I mention why we are taking such a crazy short trip? Oh, we are going to see my cousin Jude for the first time and to celebrate his Christening. And of course we will see Uncle Greg, Aunt Andrea, Grandma Denise and Grandpa Bob.

Well, Plans did go according to plan because daddy arrived home a little late from his shift. He was really tired too because he ran calls all night. Thank goodness the drive is not that long. Well 5 hours may be a little long for Adam considering this is his first real rode trip. We don't need to mention how many rode trips and plane rides I have taken. Adam really has some catching up to do. We finally got on the road around 10am and arrived around 3pm. We only made one stop and that was for lunch. Great timing Dad! Adam and I were very good during the trip, we just hung out and read books, slept and watched our DVD's. Once we arrived the real adventure began. Enjoy the photos.
Daddy and I taking everything in!

Holding my cousin Jude for the first time!

My dad is having fun making Jude laugh. It is weird hearing mommy call daddy Uncle Chad!

This is the first time Grandma and Grandpa held all three of their grandchildren at the same time. This was a very special moment for them.

All the cousins together.

Tonight is the Beaufort Twilight Run and Oyster Roast. Grandpa Bob, Uncle Greg, Aunt Andrew and Adams God Father Kevin are going to run in it. This photo is just a preview of me getting grandpa ready for the big race.

The gang ready to run!

Grandma Denise, daddy, and I are cheering everyone on. Adam came along but he is hiding behind grandma in the stroller.

On your mark... get set.... GO!

Uncle Greg takes the lead!

He is also the first one to finish.

Then comes Kevin!

Grandpa is giving it all he has! Great job! After the race we had a bite to eat, enjoyed some music and then headed to the Marine Base to sleep. Mom, dad and I did not get much sleep because I was got sick throughout the night. When the sun came up I was back to my old self so everyone thought it would be ok for me to go to Jude's Christening. If you saw me you would of never known I was sick the night before. All and all, we had a great time. This will be the last time we will visit Beaufort because Uncle Greg is being transferred to Virgina. Good Luck!
Continue on to day two in Beaufort!

Part 2 Going to Beaufort SC for Baby Jude's Christening March 21 & 22 2009

Day two! We left the Marine base and heading back to uncle Greg's and aunt Andrea's for Cousin Jude's Baptism. All dressed up ready to celebrate Jude's big day. Daddy and I are taking a stroll around the neighborhood while we wait for everyone to get ready.

Family photo!

My Godfather Kevin and I enjoying our bonding time. I can't believe Kevin has almost completed his Freshman year at Ohio State. GO BUCKEYES!

We could not come all this way without a fancy picture with Grandma Denise and Grandpa Bob.

Showing off! Yes I am officially walking!

My Godmother Mary drove all the way from Atlanta to join in the celebration. See, Mary and and my second uncle John have taken in many babies over the years. They are called Foster parents, even though I really don't understand what that means. As a matter of fact this little guy has been adopted and is just waiting for the finally paper work to go through. Mom says that Mary and John have a heart of gold and it is unbelievable how many babies they have cared for. One day mom would love to do this!

Grandpa Bob and I are ready to break into the some beer that came all the way from London.

This is the part we have all been waiting for. We all made it to Jude's big Christening. How cool is this place.

More information.

Even more information about the cool place my cousin Jude was Christened at.

Baby Jude and his daddy, Uncle Greg. Mom just wants to eat him up. I think she is crazy... why would she want to eat baby Jude? Mom also thinks that Jude and I have a lot of similarities, considering we are cousins and all. It must be the Leesman side.

The family. Uncle Greg, Aunt Andrea and baby Jesus. Oh, I mean baby Jude. Mom said that those of you who know the story will get a kick out of the baby Jesus comment.

Jude's Parents and God Parents blessing Jude!

The entire gang!

Feeding Adam Cheerios so he will keep quite!

Full of smiles!

On the way in I spotted this really cool thing but I could not play with it because we needed to get to Jude's Baptism. Now that everything is over, I get to check out what I consider an old fashion water fountain. As you can see by the photo I am giving it all I got, in order for the water to come out. I did it on my tip toes and all. This is so much fun!

I forget my friends name but her and I had a blast playing together!

Sarah's 3rd Birthday Friday, March 20, 2009 Disney Live Show

Today is officially my 3rd birthday! Mom bought Disney Live tickets many months ago so I could see this cool show. My good friends Mady and Emily also joined in on the celebration. I was the first one to arrive to the show so mom decided to take a few photo's of me outside of the theater. Check out the reflection in the windows pretty cool. This building is really big and I can't get over how many steps there are.

Maddy had arrived and we decided to check out what is for sale. Our first stop was the Little Einstein booth.

The three musketeers together at last. Thanks Emily for letting me wear your hat.

All ready for the show to start!

1,2 & 3 Drum Roll.....

Waiting patiently for the curtains to open.

Yes, my favorite the Little Einsteins.

Enjoying some ice cream. This is the first time I have had Dip and Dots ice cream, not to bad!

Cheering on Mickey and singing...

M-I-C-K-E-Y- M-O-U-S-E-! The mickey mouse club house come inside.... you get the point.
I had a blast and there are not enough pictures to show all that I saw or what an incredible time I had. I can't wait to go to Disney! Oh, I forgot to mention that this is the only time I can remember doing something with just mommy and me since Adam was born. Hopefully her and I can have some more girl time really soon!