Monday, June 2, 2008

Space Shuttle

Today is the day I have been waiting for. I get to see my first rocket ship fly to the sky. Well unless you count Little Einstiens. Daddy took the family to Mims, Fl. so baby Adam and I could almost touch the rocket ship. We had to walk down a long path to get to the perfect spot but finally found it. We sat right by the water and could hear the loud noice the rocket made. I was not scared at all. The day was really windy so baby Adam did not get to see much. This is daddy fixing the video camera while I check on baby Adam. Yes... it is true, my mom put this big green sheet over me so I could breath. What was she thinking! The rocket, the rocket mommy!
Look daddy the rocket! I see it!
Look daddy the rocket. Daddy taking pictures.
No more rocket! Rocket gone mommy? Hot mommy hot!

Going to the car!
Heading down the long road and is it hot!
Still going!
Daddy has a ouchy! Look daddy ouchy! Daddy hurt his leg on that tree.

So exciting I slept through it all!
Power naps do wonders!
Heading home!

Memorial Day A Day At Lake Eola

Today is Memorial Day and that means no work for mommy and daddy. It also means baby Adam and I don't have to go to Ms. Anna's house. I wanted to go to the park and since the weather was just right, we went to Lake Eola for the day. We saw ducks, birds, and what I call gooses. We also played in the park and ate lunch at Panera Bread! Daddy! He is going to eat it! Meaning the stroller! What is that?
My shoe mommy! Going for a ride is always so relaxing.
I love my mommy!
I love my daddy!
Up close and personal!

Shades and all! Swim mommy swim? Sarah swim?
Feeding the ducks with my daddy.
All done... ducks eat!
I love to swing!

Mommy just loves this photo daddy took!

Rock, rock look I rock!
Spin me daddy, spin me!
I am very dizzy.
How may birds can I catch?
How many birds can we scare away? Get them daddy, get birds.