Friday, August 22, 2008

Day1 Part 1 Ohio Trip Wednesday, July 15, 2008

Wednesday, July 15, 2008
My First Hair Cut! Today is the day I have been waiting for and I am ready.
I never thought I would have an audience!
Clip, clip I am being so very still!
Look at all that hair!
I am still not sure what to think, even thought everyone says I look beautiful!
My great grandpa Jim dropped off this special bear for me as a surprise! Mrs. Pam gave it to me at the end of my haircut and I just love it. Look, Mr. Bear and I match!
Mrs. Pam is the greatest. My family sure keeps her busy! Mrs. Pam tells all her other clients that she has two special customers that fly from Florida for her to do their hair. Now how special is that?

Day 1 Part 2 Ohio Trip Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wednesday, July 16, 2008
Part 2: My busy day continues! Great Grandpa Al, Great Grandpa Jim and Great Aunt Sue came over for dinner. After dinner I played in the yard, rode my bike and helped grandma water plants. Since I was still full of energy, we decided to get some desert at "The Cone". I had my first blue ice cream cone and rode on lots of rides. I had a blast and slept like a rock! Helping grandma water her flowers.
Enjoying the swing.
Great Grandpa Jim came over for dinner. We finally meet!
Hello, watch me! Who cares about politics!
I am ready to do something else.
My grandmas neighbors are moving, so I went to say good bye to their daughter Maddy!
Playing in the back yard!k yard.
Climbing the deck steps! If grandma saw me she would have a fit!
Still helping grandma water all her flowers.

Handing out with the Great Grandpas
After dinner we went to "The Cone" to get ice cream. Look blue ice cream mommy! I am watching all the rides. Lots of lights and noises this is my kind of place.
The Cone also has rides so I decided to take a drive......
Ride a horse.....
My sister is making me laugh!

Give me some love!
Grandma joined into the fun. I think she is having more fun driving the ice cream truck than I am!
Hi Grandpa!
More love from the grandparents.

Day 2 Ohio Trip Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday, July 17, 2008
Today, we are going to the Club for a swim party. I had so much fun showing off my swimming skills. I was in the water non stop for almost four hours. Mom says I should sleep good tonight!
Hanging out withe grandpa!
Giving grandma some love!
Playing ball and swimming with second cousin Kevin (Adams Godfather)
Swimming with my second cousin Kristin and David.
The boys are playing a game of basket ball. Daddy, Kevin and David!
Grandpa and I are watching my daddy jump off the diving board.

Meeting my Great Aunt Debbie for the first time.
Meeting my Great Grandma Susan for the first time.
We can't come to Ohio without ordering LaRosa's Pizza!
Eating by pool side and hanging out with the family. That pizza sure looks good are you sure I can't have any?
Relaxing with my Great Aunt Debbie

Playing in my Great Aunt Cathy's lap.
Today is Cathy's birthday and I am helping her blow out candles.
Your so sweet!
Meeting my Great Aunt Danette for the first time.
Hanging out with my Second Cousin David.

Day 3 Ohio Trip Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday, July 18, 2008
Today we went to the Grand Opening of the Worlds Largest Train Display called Entertainment Junction. We saw trains and more trains! I was able to play with trains, ride trains, and see my friend Thomas the Train. I can't wait to go back!
Let's go... who cares about the picture I want to see the trains!
Look at the trains daddy!
I think my daddy had just as much fun as I did!
Grandparents are the best!
Oh... so this is what a train looks like.
Climbing way up high!
Look at me grandma!
Riding a train!

Look at me! All Aboard!
Watching the Thomas the Train movie with grandpa! (Check out the video at the end of this page)
Playing with a Thomas the Train set!
Time to eat! Thanks grandma for feeding me!
The End! As you can see baby Adam and I look really tired!

Mommy finally learned how to download videos to the blog pages!
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