Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Green Meadows Farm Sunday, October 19, 2008

Green Meadows Farm Sunday, October 19, 2008
Today Adam and I went to Green Meadows Farm with my friend Wyatt and Gavin. We got to feed animals, milk a cow, ride a train and go on a hay ride. At the very end Adam and I had fun in the pumpkin patch. We brought to nice pumpkins home with us too.
This is a photo of me last year October 2007 This is me on the same horse a year later October 2008. I actually have hair! This photo made mommy cry because she realized how fast I am growing up!
Driving the tractor, while I am waiting for my friends Wyatt and Gavin to arrive.
The three musketeers!
So excited to see the animals. I have so much to say! Happy Halloween!
with my friend Gavin.

Gavin and I petting the turkey. Last year I got bit by a Turkey.
It is hard to see but this billy goat is trying to eat my p&j.
Enjoying a pony ride all by myself.
Wyatt is having a blast as well.
We got it mommy. Look daddy!

I can do it all by myself. I am so proud can't you tell. This is the rest of the gang. Front seat... Gavin and his parents, second seat... Wyatt and his parents, last seat of course is my daddy and me! Mom could not go on the train ride because Adam decided to take a nap. I am glad she got everyone together for a group photo!
Milking a cow. Mommy told me a funny story about this cow. See, a few years ago, before I was around mommy came to the farm with her class. She had a chance to milk the cow and when doing so she got to close to his back end and the cow pooped on her.
Feeding the horse all by myself.

There is a video at the bottom of the page, check it out.
I am so intrigued.
So sweet.
This goat is going to have a baby. I am feeling her big belly.
Hiding out in the barn.

Playground fun.
I love to swing.Pumpkin patch fun.
I got my pumpkin!
Look at all these pumpkins! I want them all!

More videos!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday, October 18, 2008 Birthday Party and Winter Springs Harvest Fest

Saturday, October 18, 2008 Birthday Party and Winter Springs Fall Fest.

What another busy weekend. Mom sure keeps us busy. Today we had another birthday party to attend. This time we celebrated Wyatt's and Preston's 3rd. Birthday. The theme was dinosaurs. I had a blast in the bounce house while Adam watched from his blanket. He had a few friends his age to hang out with. I had a blast hanging out with my friend Jillian in the bounce house. At the bottom of the page are a few videos of us. After the party we came home and I took a thirty minute nap and was ready to go to the Fall Fest. The Fall Fest is a big event the city of Winter Springs puts on every year. We were surprised this event took place, considering all the budget cuts. While at the event, I painted pumpkins and Adam and I went on a hayride. We would of had our face painted but the weather did not hold. It was ok that it rained because it was time for Adam to go to bed and I was becoming a little fussy myself , considering I only took a thirty minute nap. Tomorrow we are heading to Green Meadows farm with all the Moxie Moms and Dads and can't wait. Watching my sis in the bounce house.
Jillian and I are singing five little monkey's jumping on the bed.

Gerry is holding me so I can get a better look at!
Hanging out and happy as always.
The Fest. Pumpkin fun with Jillian.
Jillian and I were both so proud of our pumpkins we painted.

Very focused.

Nope, we still have more work to do!
Best friends. We have become very close!
The famous hayride.
I am so tired! Aunt Suzy mommy really needs you to come and do her hair again. I guess she will have to fend for herself. I will make sure I am far away when she puts that stinky box stuff on her head. Anyway, I still think my mommy is beautiful even grey.

Enjoying the hayride.


Who loves Sarah. Aunt Suzy you are going to pee your pants when you hear this. Bounce house fun.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Flying a kite for the very first time Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Flying a kite for the very first time Wednesday, October 15, 2008
After we got home from school and picked Adam up from MI MI's , mom took me to the park and so I could fly my first kite. My friend Emily and her mom Renee joined us. I was so excited at first, that was until my kite would not fly and then I became very frustrated. I guess that is what mom gets for buying a $1.00 kite from Walmart. Thank goodness Emily has done this before because she had an extra kite in her car for me to use. Mom says thanks Renee for saving the day. After about two or three tries, I finally got the kite to stay in the air and learned how to pull back on the handle in order to keep the kite up. I did this for about fifteen minutes and then I was done with the whole kite experience. Mom hopes that we can try it again when there is more wind. She thinks/hopes I will enjoy the experience a lot more. Running with my $1.00 kite!

Emily the professional kite flyer! Good job Emily Joy!
Look I got it. My kite is in the sky mommy!
I did it! Look Emily!
Just hanging out watching the girls, while I enjoy my $1.00 kite.
Relaxing in the big swing! I am so tired, it is almost my bed time and mom still has not given me a bath or dinner. What is she thinking! I bet she is trying to wear my sister out!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Macy's 3rd Birthday Party Saturday, October 11, 2008

Macy's 3rd Birthday Party Saturday, October 11, 2008
Today was another wild and crazy day. We went to my friend Macy's third birthday party and they had the biggest slide I have ever seen. After the party my friend Jillian and I had a sleep over. Birthday girl enjoying her day!

Wyatt and me having the time of our life. The doll you see in my hand is Macy's but I would not let it out of my sight. Why you may ask, because it was a mermaid and we all know how I am crazy about mermaids.
The birthday gang hanging on for dear life.
I am a little sad because I can't join in on the excitement. I guess I'll just continue to watch for a few more hours.
1, 2, 3 go!

Animals and all. Everyone thought it would be fun to slide down on or with the animals. Look at Wyatt, he is so cute. He looks like he is going to leap down the slide.
Can you say Traffic Jam!
More action. I have never had so much fun!
My first sleep over. I had so much fun with my friend Jillian
Snug as a bug in a rug or should I say on the rug!