Monday, August 17, 2009

Family Vacation Fort Walton Beach Destin Florida

Fort Walton Beach, Family Vacation!
On our way to Fort Walton Beach. I slept on and off during the car ride. As long as I had some food, books and movies, I was a happy camper. We left Orlando around 9am. and arrived in Fort Walton Beach at 4pm. This is one of the longest car trips I have taken but I survived.

I decided to take a nap an hour before we made it to our destination. I told mom that I was too excited to sleep.

We made it! The first thing we did when we arrived was grab our bathing suits and headed to the beach. Don't let me fool you, the first thing we did during our arrival, was give Grandma Denise and Grandpa Bob lots of hugs and kisses. Grandma and Grandpa arrived on Saturday three days before us, in order to get some quite and alone time, before the Chorak's arrived.

We are staying at the Venus Condos in Fort Walton Beach because Cincinnati Financial gave my grandpa the condo for a week. They did this because he is such a dynamite employee and if I am not mistaken, I think this is the third time he earned a trip like this. Although, this is the first time grandma and grandpa have invited us.

Now this beach is right up my alley. I am like my mom, as long as I can see the bottom of the ocean floor, I will jump right in, other wise forget it. If you look really close at the pictures, you will notice that the water is more green that usually; that is because for some reason there was an incredible amount of green slime. It was so bad that when I came out of the ocean, the slim decided to stick to me.

Grandpa Bob and I cruising the beach. We had a lot of quality time during this trip. It took me a few days to warm up to my grandparents but with in a day or two I was fine. My sister on the other hand was grandpa's little buddy. This really is not unusual because every time she calls grandma and grandpa, she always says.... were is grandpa?

Ready to get down and party! I have not been to the beach in almost a year. I love the sand and ocean. I am all about the water and playing.

Between the car ride to the beach and all the excitement, I was out like a light. Is all I needed was Mr. Bear, my pillow and my princess sleeping bag. Can you say..... I am in heaven.

I was up bright and early the second day of the trip. I had no interested in the beach, instead I wanted to swim like a fish all day. As soon as I got my fins a little wet, I became the biggest fish ever. It was really hard to get me out of the water. I wanted to jump and swim under the water all day long. Pretending I was Ariel was the highlight of this trip.

Well the green slime has faded some but just in case I decided to hang out on the raft today.

Attempting it all on my own. Mom calls me her little dare devil! Look at my little foot prints in the sand.

Ok, Grandpa had to rescue me!

Grandma and I are digging in the sand. Grandma and I hung out and bonded for a while while everyone else enjoyed being in the ocean.

Mom and I riding the wave in. I was a little scared at first but did great. Mom has sand burn on her legs.

Adam and I had a blast hanging out in the ocean with Grandma Denise and Grandpa Bob. While we were out on the raft we saw lots of airplanes fly over us. Some were so close it looked as if they were going to touch down on the ocean waters.

Family time. I really had a nice time hanging out with my family in the ocean. I enjoyed taking in every action and word my kids had to say. It is not very often that Chad and I are together with the kids. It is usually one of us flying solo. This was nice for a change. It was fun watching Adam watch all the fish and Sarah act like a Mermaid. These are the memories I hope to have for a life time.

Team work! We are attempting to build a sand castle. I had more fun knocking down the sand castles than making them.

I am knee deep... HELP!

Taking a rest while eating some apples and beach watching.

More pool fun. Grandpa introduced me to this noodle thing. Really Cool. Once again having some quality time with Grandpa Bob and how I love him!

Future surfer!

Look I am floating all by myself.

While in the pool mom and I spent some time together while daddy taught Adam how to surf.

Daddy is trying to make a whirl pool! This was another family moment!

In Destin, Florida basically a hop, skip and a jump from the place we stayed at, Grandpa, daddy and mommy decided to go wave running. Grandpa had never been so he had no idea what he is in for.

While mommy was supposed to be watching a safety video about how to use the wave runner equipment, she was off taking photo's.

I am not sure if I was more nervous about wave running in the Ocean or that my dad was driving. See I have bee wave running and jet skiing on lakes but never the ocean. Plus the fact that this is the first time my dad has ever been on one RED flags were up. If anyone has ever been in the car with my dad while he is driving you will understand while I am a little nervous. Ok, let me be honest I am scared as HECK!

Well, Chad decided to take us out into the rough waves. This did not sit very well for me, considering I am used to the calm lake waters. The ocean waves were not that interested so we went out tot he bay and had a blast. We went as fast as the wave runner would take us! My dad had a blast and would love to do it again. I think he would enjoy it more being SOLO!

Two peas in a pod. Just chilling with my da da.

Sarah and I have really enjoyed spending time with grandma and grandpa. We had so much fun hanging out with them on the beach and pool side. We hope that we can make this a yearly event but next time we look forward to seeing everyone & we mean everyone. Mom is going to make sure this happens.

I met a few people at the beach as well. Check out our pit!

Grandma Denise, Grandpa Bob and I had a lot of bonding time while floating out to sea. I think one day we were out at sea for at least an hour. Mom had to use ZOOM on her camera to capture this shot.

While at the beach I met a few girl friends to play with. This is me playing ball in the pool with Madaline. We got a long great but sad because she just arrived and I am leaving very soon!

Now this is life! Another family moment! One that we can treasure forever!

Having fun after a day full of sun! Relaxing on the couch with my sister while waiting for dinner. Check out the photo, yes we are both sporting our Mr. Bears.

Trying to watch Alladin, that is if my sister could keep her hands to herself.

Two nights before we left the Family went down to HarborWalk Village to check out the night life. This is a shot of it from the car.

After this picture was taken we had just finished wathcing the Pirate ship go by.

I decided to take a break from walking the pier and feed some hungry fish.

Right behind us is a place called Pat O'Brien's. Mom mom and dad had a few hurricans at this place the other night, while grandma and grandpa watched Sarah and me.
I would of done great on the wave runner. What was mom thinking not letting me go with daddy, grandpa and her the other day?

Mom and I snug as a bug in a rug! Not sure who is more tired, mom or me!

This is my last chance to swim because we are leaving in the morning. The best part about tonight is, that mom and dad let me swim in the pool by myself and in the dark. Well ok, mom was on the side of the pool, in a chair wathcing me but still. This was a great trip and thanks grandma and grandpa for a great time. Mom is already talking to everyone about coming to Fort Walton beach in June 2010.
Bright and early I will join grandma and grandpa on a car ride to Ohio, while Adam goes in the other direction with mommy and daddy. I am going to enjoy another summer vacation in Ohio for a week since I am now three years old. I am also going to Ohio because mommy is going to have some surgery. I will keep you updated on my adventures in Ohio.