Monday, March 9, 2009

January 2009 Ratermans

Ok , the Ratermans drove from Georgia to Miami to watch the Cincinnati game. Mom tried to look up on yahoo, if it was the Cincinnati basketball game or football. What ever the case may be, Is a ll she understood is that Cincinatti lost but everyone had a great time. That goes to show you how mom an dad keep up with sports. After the game Great Aunt Mary, Great Uncle John, Second Cousin Laura and Second Cousin Carol decided to meet us on I-Drive for a bite to eat before they headed back to Georgia, We ended up meeting them on I-Drive at Fridays for a bite to eat. Everyone looked great and it was so exciting to see everyone. We wish we did not live so far apart. Uncle John when we are older we will be sure to stop in Georgia for a few days to visit before we head to Ohio. At this time mom and dad just think we are to young to be in a car for so long. Thank you for a great lunch, we miss you all and hope to see you soon. .. Laura your voice is beautiful and keep singing and Carol good luck with the golf scholarship.

This is the first time I have meant Great Uncle John and by the way I love your sweat shirt.

What a great place to eat. I was so happy to see my god mother Great Aunt Mary Thanks again for a great meal. Your the best. Don't mind my eyes the Florida sun is way to bright. Mom, I need my sun glasses.

Uncle Pat comes to visit January 12th - 17th 2009

Uncle Pat comes to visit January 12th - 17th 2009

Uncle Pat came to town for business and had some time to visit my sister and me. This is the first time Uncle Pat has seen me and sorry, pictures do not count. Cheese!
Showing off my sleeping beauty dress for Pat. I love to dress up in all the princess dresses I got for Christmas.

Uncle Pat is playing Mr. mom. I did not want anything to do with mom or dad, I only wanted Uncle Pat to comb my hair, help me brush my teeth and put my PJ's on.

January 12, 2009 Video of Adam & Sarah

January 12, 2009 Adam and Sarah Videos

I am beginning to walk, as long as I am holding onto something.

Uncle Pat came to visit Adam and I. While daddy and uncle Pat watched football, I decided to do a cheer for them.

Enjoy the Videos! Sorry my video is not that clear!

Hanging out with daddy while mommy is in Inidana for Joys wedding January 9th -12th 2009

Dad is in charge! Mom is on a plane to Indiana for Joys wedding. Joy is my moms best friend and they have been friends since grade school. Now with mom gone ... PARTY TIME! Sarah and I are preparing daddy for a show. See Video!
I am playing jingle bells on the piano, while Adam does his best karaoke. See Video!

Best buds! I just love wrestling and loving on my sister.

It is freezing but not as cold as Indiana. When I talked to mom she told me it was snowing in Indiana and that Joy and her went outside in the hot tub one night! When she got out of the hot tub part of her hair was frozen. I guess she forgot to wear a hat!

This is what mom was up to while in Indiana.
Photo of Joy and her husband Greg.

The girls went for manicures.

and pedicures, how pretty.

The three amigos.

Mom and Joy enjoying a game a duck pin bowling.

What is duck pin bowling? I had never heard of it or played until I went to Indiana. The game is similar to bowling but the bowl is a little bigger than a base ball and weights a lot more. The ball does not have holes like a bowling ball. The goal is to throw the bowl down the lane and hit objects similar to pins. It was great watching balls being thrown into other lanes and people falling because the floor was so slipper. If you have not tried duck pin bowling you have to give it a shot. Once you try you will want to play all the time. Google duck pin bowling to learn more about it.

Video of Sarah and Adam playing the piano and singing.

Happy New Years Januaray 1, 2009

We could not keep our eyes open long enough to watch the ball drop. Maybe next year! Happy New Years! We can't wait for all the fun adventures 2009 has to offer!