Saturday, August 29, 2009

Aquarium Ohio Visit

After the Destin beach trip I went in one direction (Ohio by car) and my mom, dad and brother Adam went in another direction (back home FL). Since I am the big sister, I spent two weeks of my summer break in Ohio with my grandparents. I can't get over how many fun filled activities were planned for me. I can't wait to go again next summer.
My great aunt Debbie and great aunt Danette took me to the Ohio/Newport aquarium for the day. Kristen and David, my second cousins also participated in the fun filled day. My mom and grandma took me to this aquarium when I was a lot younger but don't remember much. Now that I am older I really got experience all it had to offer.

Hanging out with my second cousin David!

My great aunt Debbie and I are feeding the birds. This was one of my favorite things to do.

Bonding with my second cousin Kristen.

So amazed by all the penguins......

and more penguins.

Thanks again, Debbie and Danette for a very fun filled day!

After a long day at the aquarium I still had energy left to show off my scooter skills. Although, my mom wanted to know where my helmet was grandpa!

Off I go.......


More fun during the Ohio Trip.

The question is do I miss my mommy yet?
Playing the piano, feeding horses, play date, and visiting great grandpa Al. Mom says I look like a natural in this photo. I had so much fun playing the piano at my great aunt Cathy's house. I even had some time to create my own sheet music!

My grandma took me to her friends Belinda's house. Enjoying a healthy snack with a new friend.

See Belinda neighbors have horses I had some fun visiting with them.

A group shot!

I am trying so hard to pump.... forget the photo and come give me a push please!

Monkey.... Monkey.....

Great Grandpa Al, Grandpa Bob and I!

More shots of us at Great Grandpa Al's home.

Check out the videos. I am up close and personal with the horses. What an experience!


Ohio Trip Fourth of July Making devil eggs with grandma Denise.

Enjoying the Liberty Township 4th of July parade. Check out my butterfly!

My first horse and carriage ride!

I loved getting up close and personal with the horses... Thanks grandpa Bob.

We all know this is not the first time I have seen a fire truck. Before long I will know more about a fire truck than most people, well not my daddy of course.

Had the time of my life. RED, White and Blue! Happy 4th of July, what a great Parade!

After a busy morning at the parade we went to celebrate the 4th of July with family. I had a blast bounding with my second cousin Meghan. See Meghan grew up with a passion for her stuff animal lambs and for some reason I had to just take one to borrow for a few weeks.

Hanging out with my second cousin Meghan and second cousin Jimmy.

The boys hanging out in the garage. If only grandpa new what Jimmy was up tooooooooo!

Ok who is up for a game of corn hole! Check out what I am holding and my cool glass slippers!

I really need a doll house because I played with this for hours.

Hanging out with my God father Denny. Check out what is in my arm.

A video of me making devil eggs. Moms favorite. I bet she won't be eating any of these after her surgery!



Grandma Denise and Grandpa Bob had a wonderful time exploring the zoo with me.

My second cousins Jacob and Rachael joined us in a fun filled day.

We had a great time looking at all the tigers.

and the crocodile

and the bees. I could not get over how many bees there were!

I got to be a queen for a day.

I love to touch snakes. I must take after my daddy!

Ann and I had a picnic at my grandmas house today.

Ann and I soaking up the sun!

Enjoying a little quite time with my friend at grandmas house. I sure do love to read!