Thursday, February 25, 2010

Painting and Carving Pumpkins October Fun 2009

Painting and Carving Pumpkins October Fun 2009We have so many pumpkins at our house we are not sure what to do with them. Sarah has two and I have two. Mom thought it would be a good idea for Sarah and I to paint our small pumpkins and carve our big ones. I am so proud of myself because I painted this all by myself.
My pumpkin is painted and decorated with cotton balls.
Who wants to carve a pumpkin? Let the adventure begin! My dad cut the top of the pumpkin open so Adam and I could clean the pumpkin out. I had no desire to stick my hands inside the pumpkin, instead I asked for a BIG spoon.
Team work! I scooped with the spoon while mom pulled everything out! By the way, my mom loves this photo of us.
Yum Yum! Yep I decided to take a mouth full of pumpkin guts right as mom took the picture. Don't worry I spit it out instantly and drank like an entire cup of water after that experience. So much for having my big sister Sarah by my side, she did not even worn me but instead she just watched me inhale a big bite.
I love getting dirty! My parents should know by now that when they give me a spoon I assume it is time to eat. Don't worry Mr. Bear stayed cleaned as a whistle.
I took this picture of my mom and dad! They said I did a great job. Who knows maybe I'll be a photographer like Ms. Shannon one day!
While my dad did all the carving, mom got Sarah and I into the tub. Sarah and I had to take a shower after our bath because the bottom of the tub was filled with pumpkin guts and seeds. In the middle of getting Sarah and I dressed dad came into our room to show us his work of art. He did a really good job on the pumpkin and once the lights went out, I yelled WOW! I am so glad I picked the haunted castle.
My dad did a great job. I wanted the pumpkin to sleep with me but mom and dad would not bite on that one. Instead we put it outside for all our neighbors to see. I can't wait until daddy and I work on my princess pumpkin later in the week.

Zoo Boo Bash Sunday, October 25, 2009

I have attended the Zoo Boo Bash the last three years and always have fun. This year my friend Wyatt joined Adam and I. The Zoo Boo Bash is a safe place for kids to trick or treat and see animals. This year the zoo added a bounce house for us to enjoy.
This is my Second year attending Zoo Boo Bash! I was only seven months old and don't remember a heck of a lot.

Sarah and I hanging out in front of the zoo waiting for our friend Wyatt and Ms. Shannon.

I can't go to the zoo without riding the carousel that is located out side the entrance.

All smiles!

The Grand Entrance! This Halloween blow up is new.

I have no fear of snakes. I was not even one when I touch a snake for the first time.

Wyatt and I are listening and looking at a guy telling silly jokes.

This year they had eight stations for us to trick or treat at. Each station offered different things, some candy and other trinkets.

A haunted house that made noises when running in and out of it. I am very intrigued by the man dressed up outside the house.

While everyone was bouncing in the house I decided to spend time fastening all the buttons so no one would escape.

I finally made it into the bounce house because the young man who was in charge had all the crazy children leave. The boy who was in charge of the bounce house kept a tight ship and did not put up with anything.

I decided to keep a hold of Ms. Shannon's purse while we were putting on our shoes and moving on to elephants and lunch. I think her purse weighs about as much as me, what and the word does she have in this thing? My backpack is lighter than this.

Another great day with our really great friends, Wyatt and Ms. Shannon. Can't wait to see what next weekend has to offer. Adam and I just hope we can spend it with our friends.
On our way out I got to ride the CHO CHO but for some reason mom did not have any photos of me on the train adventure. Next time I guess!

Eustis Pumpkin Farm October 24, 2009

Eustis in Lake County about 45 minutes away offers a lot of fun activities during the Fall season. Today Adam, my friend Wyatt, Adam, Ms. Shannon, dad, mom and I went on an adventure. Since my mom is a school teacher she gets a lot of ideas from other teacher and parents on places to go. After doing some research on the computer she decided to check out the Eustis Pumpkin Farm. The farm is really known for its Christmas trees but they also hold Fall activities. Wyatt and I had a blast throwing hay at one another. We got along so well and are becoming really good friends.

One, Two, and Three...... down! We also had a blast jumping on one another. Mom has a really great photo of me giving Wyatt a big kiss but she can't find it!

Having fun jumping in the hay! My goal is to stay on my feet, I never realized walking on a pile of hay could be so difficult.

Action shot!

There were a few animals for us to feed, pet and look at. This mule was really friendly, so friendly he decided to give me a kiss or two. Maybe he was being so nice because he saw the size of my daddy. Anyway, I loved the attention but could have done with out all the slobber.

Feeding the little pony and boy was she hungry.

If I am not mistaken this is my first pony ride. Was a little unsure at first but once we got going I just hung on like a I was a pro.

I decided to pick the big horse. This is my first time on a horse and enjoyed every minute.

One of our big adventures was going through the spooky maze. The goal was for us to find as many spooky pictures without getting lost. For example, a ghost, pumpkin, Dracula, scarecrow, etc. If we found all of them, then we would win a prize at the end. My dad, Sarah and Wyatt took off in search of as many pictures as they could find. I tried to keep up with them but they were just way to fast. I had fun hanging out with my mom and Ms. Shannon, while we went on our own adventure, trying to find out were everyone else went. It was not hard to keep track of them, especially since my dad is so tall. We made it to the end of the maze covered in dirt, very hot and excited we found all thirteen pictures.

Cho Cho!

I am ready to go!

The perfect ride!

One of the prizes I won after completing the Spooky Maze!

We all went on a hay ride and by this point I was getting a bit tired but also very sad. Check out my lip! I am upset with my dad because he has been spending so much time chasing my sister and Wyatt. Then everyone wanted to sit on my daddy's lap..... THAT'S MY DADDY! I NEED SOME DADDY TIME TO!

I am looking at all the Christmas trees that are growing. Maybe we will come back in December to pick out a real tree to put in our house. That would be really cool.

Picking out the perfect pumpkin! This pumpkin is very heavy but I have super muscles.

I am determined to get the pumpkin I want even if that means taking the most challenging route.

We all had a blast today and will venture back next year. Who is hungry? ME, ME, ME, ME, Me, and Me......... Who wants Tijuana FLATS? ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, and ME
What a way to end the perfect day!

Wyatt and Preston's 4th Birthday Party October 18, 2009

Wyatt and Preston turn 4!

Today Adam, mom, dad, and I went to celebrate Wyatt and Preston's 4th birthday at Phelps park. We could not ask for a better place to celebrate their big day. I have known Wyatt for four years and Preston for three years. My mom met Wyatt's mom Ms. Shannon at a Moxie Mom new member meeting and Ms. Jen, Preston's mom through a Moxie mom event. It is really amazing that we have all stayed friends for four years now. This is the amazing insect cake that Ms. Shannon and Ms. Jen made for the party. Can you say... VERY, VERY, CREATIVE.

Phelps park is located in Winter Park, Florida and is loaded with wooded playground equipment. It kinda reminds my parent of what they played on when they were children. Today the weather finally began to cool and it is about time considering October is almost over. Before we left for the party mom had to dig through Sarah's and my closet to find some winter clothes. Thank goodness I had a lot of winter wear! Now I just need some new shoes.

Someone brought a soccer ball to the party and I thought I would show off some of my moves. Maybe I am following in my moms foot steps.

Ok, I am certainly following in moms foot steps. To bad they do not offer soccer for one year olds. Mom has to sign me up when I turn three because I love this game!

I have been to this park a few time but have never tried the sliding bar until today. I did a great job on my "monkey monkey" skills! This is a saying I have used since I was little and learned when attending Little Gym. I was a little nervous but I made it to the end all by myself. Don't worry my daddy was right behind me in case I took a leap for the worse.
As you can see my winter clothes are just a little to small. Guess mom and I have to go shopping, wait I forgot grandma will be to the rescue! She always sends me loads of clothes!

Monkey See, Monkey Do! Now it is my turn to show off my moves. Unlike Sarah I almost bit the dust and check out my dads face because from the look of it he may of had a potty accident. Instead is all I could hear him say is Oh SHIT! Thank goodness he has big hands or this would of been the end to a great day.

At the beginning of the school year I learned how to pump myself and can't get enough of the swings. I go so high that at times I can touch the trees and sky!

My parents call me Monkey See, Monkey Do because I always want to stay once step behind my sister. One day I will be the little brother who is one step ahead! I really have no interest in baby sings anymore. Look how well I am hanging on, not really pumping yet but I will get there!

After a busy day at the park celebrating Wyatt and Preston's birthday mom and dad took Adam and I to buy some new shoes. We always go to the Stride Rite outlet in Orlando. We both got two pairs of shoes and trust me we will need new ones in less than three months. I now wear a size 11 shoe and Adam wears a size 7 wide. Finding shoes for Adam can be a bit challenging at times but at least we found some shoes for him.
After show shopping we went for a bite to eat and some yummy dessert!