Monday, September 28, 2009

Grandma Nise and Sarah leave Ohio and arrive in FL

After almost a three week journey in Ohio, it was time to head back home and see my mom and dad again. So grandma Nise (short for Denise) and I took an early flight out of Ohio and headed home to Florida. Now my grandma is going to stay at my house for two weeks. She is going to help take care of Adam and I until my moms boo boos go away. All smiles to see grandma Denise. Mom was not sure who was more excited grandma or me!
I sure can't get enough hugs from my grandma Nise.

Mom and dad surprised me with a doll house when I got home from Ohio. Little did Sarah know that it has been hiding in her closet for all most two years, if not longer. I had so much fun playing with the doll house I borrowed from grandma Nise's neighbor that I was glad to have my very own.