Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sea World Saturday, October 24, 2008

Today was a fun filled day. We went to Sea World to enjoy the Halloween Spooktacular. Of course I dressed up as a Mermaid and as always mom took way to many photos. My first time getting a big squeeze from Shamu!

Mom, look at this big pumpkin!

My friend Jillian and I having a private conversation.

Macy, Jillian and I talking to the fairy princesses.

Funny witches!

Fish that talk, who would of thought of a thing.

I really enjoyed the sea creatures!

Of course the day would not of been the same without a photo with a real mermaid.

Three Amigos!

We had a blast sticking our tongues out!

Jillian and I watching the bubble fish!

The ice pumpkins were so cool.

Having a snack! Look I am finally in a photo!

This pumpkin was so cool!

I have never been on this ride before. Mom finally let me ride the ride, considering Jillian and Macy would be with me. As you can see I am still not sure about the whole ride. To keep me safe my best friend Jillian is holding my hand or should I say I am holding on for dear life.

Playing the drums and we all know how much I love music.

Enjoying the Count Down to Halloween show.

The Count has arrived!

Videos of our fun filled day!
Videos of me dancing and riding a ride.


We had a busy day today. After Sea World we went to the YMCA for a Halloween Party. I met up with my friend Emily Joy. Painting a candy corn!
Having fun painting candy corns with my friend Emily.

I made my very own dirt cup. I added worms and cookies to it and from then on, was on what mom called a sugar high.

I am making a ghost with tissue and a sucker. After I put the tissue on to make a ghost I asked my mom, where did my sucker go? For some reason all the adults laughed.

I want some.

Dancing! I am all over the place these days. I am still doing the army crawl but pulling myself up on everything. I am even standing in my crib. Mom thinks I am going to pass the full crawling stage and go right to walking. If she only knew what I have in store for her.

Dancing with my friend Emily Joy.


October Fun

October Fun Helping mommy make Adam's baby food. I love to eat the frozen fruit ice cubes.

Going on a wagon ride and I'm not scared!

Cheese! I love the cool weather!

We took an hour long wagon ride and loved every minute of it!

Trying on winter clothes!