Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 5 Part 1 Adams Baptisim Sunday, July 20, 2008

Today is the day we have all been waiting for... I am being Christened! Before I begin, I am going to give you a brief family history lesson that will explain why today is so special!

Family History FH101

1. In 1899 my Great, Great, Great Grandmother Agnes McAuley lived in Scotland and hand made a christening gown for her son James McAuley .
2. James McAuley is my Great, Great Grandfather. He was born on June 20, 1899 and was baptised at St. Mongos Church in Glasgoiv Scotland, in the christening gown his mother Agnes made.
3. My Great Grandmother Diane Leesman is the daughter of James McAuley and she was also christened in the gown, as well as her brother.
4. My Grandma Denise Meyer was christened in the gown as well as her bothers and sisters. Which would include my Great uncle Don, Great Aunt Debbie, Great Uncle David, Great Aunt Danette and my Great Uncle Denny (who is my sisters godfather)!
5. My mommy Jennifer Chorak was also christened in the gown, as well a her brothers. Which would be my Uncle Greg and Uncle Andrew.
6. My sister Sarah Marie Chorak was christened in the gown as well.
7. I Adam Robert Chorak was christened in the gown on July 20, 2008 by Father Mark at St. Johns Church in Ohio.

So as you can see this hand made christening gown is a 109 years old, has been passed down through five generations and fourteen people have worn it (that we know of)!

Enjoy the photos, videos and captions!
Father Mark is welcoming the five babies being baptized, their families and friends.
Grandpa Bob and Grandma Denise are making the sign of the cross on my head.
My Godparents!
As soon as I hit Father Marks arms I gave a big yawn and a minute later....
I fell a sleep!

My Great Aunt Cathy embroidered this! Dreaming with the Angels!
My Godfather Kevin Leesman who is my Second Cousin!
My Godmother Lisa Leesman, who is my Great Aunt!
The blanket that is on my moms shoulder has also been in the family for many years.
My big man!

Grandma Denise and Grandpa Bob
Our family with Great Grandpa Jim!Girl Photo..... Left to right: My Great Aunt Cathy's mom Mary, Second Cousin Krisen, Great Aunt Cathy, Grandma Denise, Sister Sarah, Mommy and me, Great Aunt Debbie, Great Aunt Lisa (Godmother), Photo, Second Cousin Meghan (Godmother) and my Great Aunt Lisa's mom Pat.
Guy photo..... Left to right: Great Uncle Don, Great Uncle Bob, Second Cousin David, Grandpa Bob, Second Cousin Kevin (Godfather) Mommy and me, Great Uncle Denny, Daddy and Great Grandpa Jim.
What a busy morning! I thought I would catch some zzzzzzzzzzzz before the party!