Saturday, June 14, 2008

Weekend Relaxation

Last weekend the family decided to break out the pool and hang out in the back yard. Daddy and mommy decided to join me in my pool too! We had so much fun and the best part was we were all in the pool together. As you will see by the pictures mommy forgot to add that one to the blog, I wonder why?
Daddy made delicious hot dogs and strawberry daiquiris for mommy and me. I still don't understand why my parents would not let me have a sip of their drink since I shared mine! Enjoy the photos and I know you don't have to say it.... yes my baby brother is almost as big as me! I love baby Adam!

Oh my! Can my sisters hands be any colder!
Yes, I told you once before I am a true thumb sucker!
Kick, kick, and kick! Look mommy I kick!

Mommy and me in the pool together!
Mommy is feeding baby Adam so I am going to feed my baby!
Clean diaper, warm weather, and my belly is full! What more can a little guy ask for! My sister and mommy are making me laugh but that is not hard to do because I smile all the time!
This is my second hot dog!

Relaxing in the shade!
Monkey see monkey do! Our feet in action!
Ok, this is a sight to see.... mommy and daddy in my little pool together!
Cool shades mommy! Future moview star, well at least grandpa and uncle Mike thinks so!
Nap time!