Friday, December 19, 2008

Winter Show and Party Thursday, December 18, 2008

Today was a big day for me because I had the chance to perform in front of a big audience. I have never been on stage before but I had the time of my life. I sang and danced my little heart out. The program was put on by preschool students. ranging from two to five years in age. There are a few videos at the end of the page. Enjoy. All smiles to see my mom and dad in the audience!
Getting ready to perform our class song!

My teacher Mrs. Christine.

During our class party we had a book exchange. I did not want to mess up the wrapping paper, so it took me at least ten minutes to unwrap my present. I had to save the paper, so mom could use it to wrap other gifts. During the party I also received the Jungle book from my teacher, thanks Miss Christine!

This is one of my really good friends Dryden, who you will see in the video.

This is a picture of my entire class.

When watching the the videos, keep in mind that I am doing ever thing correct. Dropping the bells was part of the show, now my good friends Dryden and Isabelle had other plans. As you can see I am the only one singing and performing and loved every minute of it. After the show mom and dad shed a few tears because they were so proud of me. Mom is certainly signing me up for dance class in March, considering how well I did on stage.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Last Night Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Last Night Tuesday, December 16, 2008
Mom decided to invite my friends Emily and Mady over to make Gingerbread Houses with me. Everyone came over around six on a weeknight. On the drive home from school mom said "what was I thinking to have a play date on a weeknight". We played, ate chicken nuggets and applesauce. Well some of us ate the pizza the parent's ordered. The night was full of smiles, laughs and a little frustration, especially when our houses kept collapsing. The moms had fun putting the houses together and my friends and I had fun decorating. Enjoy the photos! By the way, having a play date on a weeknight was not as bad as mom thought it would be. Keep in mind that mom went a little crazy with the photo's but what's new! The famous gingerbread kits.

Before Photo! Mom and I worked hard setting up!

I am so excited about making a gingerbread house.

Mady getting ready to make her gingerbread house!

My friend Emily, all smiles!

Look at all this candy!

Girls just want to have fun!

So cute!

I enjoyed eating a few pieces of candy then decorating, eating then decorating.

Mady decorating!

Emily decorating!

We have completed our master pieces.

My work of art!

The three amigo's showing off their work of art.
Don't worry, I slept like a chap while the girls made all the noise in the world. Mom can't get over what a good sleeper I am. Now we just have to work on my sister!

Putting up the Christmas Tree!

I was really into decorating the tree this year. I was so eager to put up the ornament I made at my ornament making party. I also was so excited when daddy set up the train set. We had to put it away because we don't have enough room to keep it up. Plus, Adam can't keep his hands off of it. Next year we will be able to enjoy the train set all Christmas long. Enjoy the photos! Yeh I did it!
I sat for at least 20min watching the train. This was so cool.

Let me ride and play!
I just wanted to share a short story. Since Sarah was a little baby I have always told her I love her, at least three or more times a day. As Sarah has gotten older she says I love you after I say it to her. A few weeks ago, Sarah was sitting on my lap and out of the blue, she gave me a hug and said "I love you mom". I could not hold back the tears! That is a moment I will never forget!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ornament Making Party Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saturday, December 6, 2008

On Saturday night we had an Ornament Making Party at my house. Mom thought it would be a great idea for each mom to bring a project to share with the group. I had a blast working with Wyatt's mom Shannon, Preston's mom Jen, Gavin's mom Katy and Jillian's mommy Gerry. I can't wait to have everyone over next year. This is my beautiful necklace I made with Gavin's mom Katy

I love this glitter glue that Wyatt's mom Shannon brought.

Mrs. Jen, Preston's mom helping me use the glitter glue too.

Preston and I had a blast playing cars. Finally, a boy to play with these days.

Mrs. Gerry, Jillian's mommy helping me color a reindeer.

All the mommy's helping us decorate.

Candy Cane Fun.

This is what the table looked like at the end of the party. Super fun, don't you think?

Dancing to the light and music show outside my house. Daddy spent many hours hanging up lights and programing them to music, so my friends and I could dance.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sea World Polar Express Christams November 29 , 2008

Saturday, November 29, 2008
Another fun day at Sea World. This month Sea World is offering the Polar Express exhibit, snow, winter characters and a special Shamu show. The weather has been very cold the last few weeks but for some reason today felt like summer. Mom thinks I look funny dressed in sandals and a short sleeve shirt, while parading around the winter wonderland scenes. When I entered the park I ran right in line to see Mr. Penguin. The Christmas tree was taller than my daddy. I think it almost touched the sky.

I spent the day with my best friend Jillian. We cut in line to get this photo!

During the day Jillian and I smelled the roses every chance we could. Mommy told me to pick the petals the had fallen onto the ground. I picked a few when she wasn't looking. What she doesn't know won't hurt her.

Sunshine! I forgot my shades so I used moms for a while.

The famous ride. I was not as nervous this time. Look I actually have a big smile on my face.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Pictures with Santa November 2008

Pictures with Santa.
This year we went to see Santa at the Millennium Mall before Thanksgiving because mom and dad did not want to stand in line for three and half hours like they did last year. This year was so nice because we only waited for 10min. Enjoy the photos!

2007 Millennium Mall Santa photos.

2008 Millennium Mall Santa Photos. My parents can't get over how much I have grown.

This year I was eager to touch Santa's beard.

My first time seeing Santa. Mom says I did really well, in fact I did not even cry.

Who is this hairy guy?

Group shot!

Waiting in line for Santa

Crawling to Santa.

Waiting for Santa

Thanksgiving Day November 2008

Thanksgiving Day!
For the last ten years my dad and mom have either celebrated Thanksgiving with his family, my moms family or at the fire house. This Thanksgiving was very different! We celebrated Thanksgiving at our house with just Dad, Mom, Adam and me. Dad did all the cooking, I helped a little but he did all the work! Daddy, cooked the turkey, made the mash potatoes, gravy, stuffing and green beans. He even made two chocolate creme pies. Mom says daddy earned major brownie points. Mom on the other hand, set the table and made our Thanksgiving feast very beautiful. We had a very nice Thanksgiving and the folks were happy that Adam and I were very well behaved. See the photos below. Helping my dad make green beans.

I am snapping beans.

This is the table mommy set for us. She got out the good dishes, crystal wine classes that probably have not been used since my parents wedding day (2000). She also added my great grandma Elaine's silver set.

This is a close up of the silver my great grandma Elaine gave to my mom when she passed away. This is the first time we have used it. I even used it!

All smiles. Yes mom even got Adam and I dressed up in our Thanksgiving outfits.

My first Thanksgiving! Green beans, sweet potatoes and turkey, I am in heaven!

Look, I am being so careful as I use all of our nice Thanksgiving dinner wear. I feel and am acting like such a princess. I ate all my turkey and even went back for seconds.

Playing a card game with my little brother while my mom cleans the dishes. I told you before, my brother loves to play with everything I have. Sometimes I let him and other time I have a fit!

I see you! Don't mind the sweet potatoes on my shirt, it is almost bath time!