Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Halloween Friday, October 31, 2008

October 31, 2008
Grandma Denise came into town to celebrate Halloween with us! We had a blast dressing up like pirates! Halloween night we went to Macy's house for a night of trick or treating with some of our friends Jillian, Gavin, Wyatt, Preston, and Macy.
Grandma could not be happier!

Photos with our neighbors Katie and Caroline.

Group hug!


My first Halloween! I really dig this pumpkin, in fact I played with it for a very long time.

Pre-Trick or Treating meal. We loved our pizza a chicken nuggets.

Pirate fun. I am going to get you Preston!

Girls just want to have fun! Gerry is that really Sprite?

Daddy, look at all the candy!

This tree was so cool. A man was dressed up as a tree and in the dark it was very hard to notice until he started to walk towards us. I was not sure of it at first, as a matter of fact I ran to my mommy until I saw Gerry and Jillian talking to the tree.

The three Amigos enjoying their Halloween candy!

My first real kiss!

I am sooo tired can we go?

Faulk's Halloween Party Sunday, October 25

We spent a nice afternoon at Maddy's house. She had a great Halloween party and we enjoyed running around like pirates. Enjoy the photo's

Pictures are worth thousand words, so captions are not needed!