Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sarah's First Day of School Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday, August 11, 2008

Sarah's First Day of School!

Today is my first day of PRESCHOOL! I am attending Page Private School, which is the same school my mommy teaches at. My teacher is Mrs. Christine and there are six other friends in my two year old class. The class can hold up to eight friends.
Yes my fingers gave it away, I am a little nervous. At least I am not picking my lip!
Today is also my moms first day of school and she is a little nervous as well. Mom has 18 friends in her Kindergarten class, which is a lot more than last year.
I did not know but mom took a few snap shots outside the door way. This is me listening to the teacher tell us all about the project we are going to do!

The first day of school was a hit, mommy nor I cried and we really like our friends. We got to see each other passing in the lunch room. It was so nice to give mommy and big hug and kiss half way through the day. We were so busy the first day of school that mom and I came home ate, took a bath and went right to sleep. We will keep you posted on the days to follow.

Week of August 4th - 9th 2008 Pa Pa's First Visit to Florida

Week of August 4th - 9th 2008

Pa Pa Chorak's First Visit to Florida! He came to see baby Adam for the first time and of course me!

Pa Pa Chorak made a surprise visit! I was so exciting to see my Pa Pa Bob because it has been way to long. Baby Adam has to be thrilled because Pa Pa got to hold him for the first time.

During Pa Pa's visit he went to my swim lessons, saw my new school, and we visited Great Grandma Carolyn in Hollywood, Florida. Daddy and Pa Pa also had a chance to spend a lot of time together, while they organized the garage and fixed odds and ends around the house.

After a long flight Pa Pa still came to swim lessons.

Leaving swim class.
We all went to Sarah's MEET THE TEACHER NIGHT at her new school. Pa Pa and I hung out while sis had fun!
Pa Pa playing with Sarah.
Checking out the class fish.
Looking at all the fun computer games!

The last week of swim class and I am able to pull lift myself out of the pool without any helping me.
Hanging out with Pa Pa!
Practicing life jacket safety!
Staying warm! Miss Stephanie is teaching us what to do to stay warm. I learned the word "HUDDLE"

Listening to Miss Stephanie give more directions.
A nice cold treat to celebrate our last swim class!
Yum Yum! Check out those long legs!
Enjoying my first visit with Great Grandma Carolyn.
Coloring with my Great Aunt Chari

Three Generations. What a great photo! Mom really needs to have this blown up and framed!
Going for a ride. Hi! I really enjoy being up so high! I can see everything.
Enjoying my time with Pa Pa
Pa Pa making me laugh!
Having guy talk I am so intrigued with what Pa Pa has to say!

Check out the video

This is me greeting my Pa Pa at the airport!

The other video is of Pa pa making me laugh.

PUMP IT UP BIRTHDAY PARTY Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Today we went to Pump It Up for my friends Drew's 3rd Birthday party! I had so much fun and went on everything. I slid down the big slide, at least ten times. I can't wait to come back!

Mommy and me having fun!
Yes my daddy even got to slide!
It was so nice of Mrs. Ann to hold me while my parents had a little fun. Ann is my neighbor and she loves me soooo much!

By the way, you can't see but I already have a bottom tooth. Mommy will have to take a better photo so you can see. I know, everyone keeps saying it is so odd that I have a tooth. Especially since I am only three days shy of being five months old. My sister did not get her first tooth until she was six months. Then again, I am doing everything a lot faster than my sis. That could be because I am a lot bigger than her. For the record I have also had cereal, sweet potato's and applesauce. I know some think mom should have waited a little longer but the doctor said I needed food, considering I was moving my chops every time I watched everyone eat. Plus I was taking in way to much fluid and just spitting up all the time!

Happy Birthday Drew! I love your Tomas the Train cake! Thank you for inviting me to your BDP!

1st Week of Swim Lessons Week of July 28th- July 31st 2008

July 28th - July 31st 2008

First Week of Swim Lessons!

Well mom took her friend Shannon's advice and signed me up for swim lessons through the city of Cassleberry. I will go to swim lesson Monday through Thursday for two weeks. My friend Emily signed up as well! As you will see from the photos, Emily and I are the youngest children but we did a better job following directions than the older children.
Warm up. When we first get in the pool we play red light green light. We kick and blow bubbles.
This is my swim instructor Miss Stephanie and she is teaching me a lot!
I got a little tired of watching my sister swim so daddy took me on the swings for the first time. I laughed and smiled the entire time!
I am a little cold! Burrrrrr!
Kicking and blowing bubbles. I like diving for the rings, that is as long as I don't put my head in the water. I had fun picking them up with my hands and feet!

Watching my big sis do monkey crawls around the pool!
I did it! More monkey crawls.
Paying attention to what Miss Stephanie has to say!
I love floating on my back!

Check out the videos!

Week of July 28 - July 31 Friends, Friends and More Friends

The week of July 28th - July 31

We are adjusting to being back home! As you will see, over the weekend mom waisted no time decorating Baby Adam's and my room. As soon as we came back from Ohio, I moved out of my crib and baby Adam moved into it. I now sleep in a big and I mean big girl bed, all by myself. I have my very own Aerial pillow, since we all know how much I love the "Movie Little Mermaid". As a matter of fact I often call myself Aerial Sarah. I really enjoy sharing a room with my little brother and since he sleeps through the night I get lots of rest.

This week mommy offered to watch some of the children who go to Mi Mi's house. Mi Mi went to Texas so she could meet her grandson. Baby Adam and I had a blast playing with our friends. We swam, painted, and danced. By the end of the week I was a little sad because this would be the last time I was going see my friends on a daily basis. That is because mommy and me start school! Baby Adam will be going to Mi Mi's all by himself , so I can meet some new friends. Don't worry mommy already promised me that I could see my old friends on the weekends.

Enjoy the video of my friends and I dancing to music!

My new bed and I love it. I have been sleeping through the night since I was four months old. So, the parents thought it would be a great idea for me to bunk with my sis. Besides that bassinet was cramping my style, considering I am so long!
My queen size bed! I love it!
On Monday, I was able to spend the day with my friend Emily. We had so much fun playing play dough.
Two Little Monkey's Jumping on the Bed!
Showing off our artistic abilities and fine motor skills.
1, 2, 3 Jump!
Daddy is squirting Emily and I with a squirt gun. Emily sure doesn't mind but my look says it all! Emily watch out or let me hide and you take the hit!

Lunch time! Grill Cheese, cantaloupe and cottage cheese, yum yum and after a busy morning we ate like champs!

Day Two, Tuesday! Cameron and Logan have joined the fun and today mom has her hands full! We are having a blast making music with all kinds of instruments. Mom what is up with all the noise?
My friend Cameron, he is so cute!
This is my friend Logan, who I like to call Logy! I love Logy.
My best friend Emily!
Four Musketeers!

Pool fun and don't ask what is up with the tongue action.
I am performing the Ariela song to my friends AHHHHHHH.
Mom says that when I really concentrate I stick my tongue out. What can I say... Mother like daughter.
Go REDS! I love all the excitement!
Painting Galore!