Tuesday, December 2, 2008

October has come to an and November has begun!

October comes to an end and November has begun.

I will be 8 months old on November 5th. Good news for me… I can start eating baby yogurt and a lot of what mom and dad eat mashed into pieces I can handle. I am much more interested in their food now than my bland baby food so this should make me very happy. We are still trying the sippy cup with no luck yet, I still just plays with it. I still only have my front two bottom teeth, but I can feel that my top two are ready to come out any day now.

New things I am up to these days:

Pulling myself up onto everything
Crawling like a champ
Talking a lot and very loud but no consonant sounds yet
Likes to pull Sarah's hair and take her toys away from her
I Smile around new faces
I Laugh at puppets and talking stuffed animals
I Grin very big and gets really excited when dad comes home from work.

Finally, I have a designer wardrobe now thanks to Grandma Denise and Grandpa Bob
I love standing up onto anything I can get my hands onto. Mom really does not like when I stand in the tub and for some reason every time I stand up, she puts me right back down. I thought shedding a few tears would encourage her to give in but I guess I was wrong. Safe Adam, that is all I hear from my sis these days, what is up with that!
More bath tub fun!

I got this really cool car from my friends Jillian and Gerry. I ride in this thing every place I go! My sister loves pushing me around the neighborhood in it. Sarah loves to look for acorns, so she pushes me a little, then picks up acorns and the cycle repeats itself. I just wish she would be a little quicker picking up acorns because I really like to be on the move!

Waiting and watching! Sis, don't you think you have enough acorns?

Sarah enjoying pushing me. Mom says I am growing up so fast and she thinks I look like such a big boy in this car. Every time we walk around the neighborhood everyone can't get over how big I am. Some of the older ladies, say what are you feeding that kid!

Page Private School Haloween Party

October 31, 2008

Halloween was such a busy day. The adventures began at 8:45am with a Halloween parade at my school. After the parade we headed to the auditorium to check out the Halloween Carnival. Finally we enjoyed our class party with pizza and treats! While I took a nap, Grandma stayed at school to help mommy plan for the next week. My adventures continue on the next blog page, Halloween Night! A proud pirate starting the parade with grandma Denise and yes, I love being the line leader. My teacher says I am the leader of the class and love to act like the teacher.

After the parade we headed to the auditorium to enjoy the bounce house.

Grandma Denise and me riding the train.

A Halloween party wouldn't be the same without face painting.

Don't forget to check out the videos. These videos were taking during the Halloween Carnival at my school!