Friday, June 6, 2008

Graduation from Little Gym!

Today is Sarah's last gym class. The Little Gym is having a graduation party for her class. She has learned so much during the weekly session at the gym. Sarah's teacher says Sarah has very strong belly muscles and because of this, she should be able to flip over the bar soon. Since Sarah loves little gym so much Chad and I decided to sign her up for the next session, which starts next week. By the way, every time we leave Miss Anna's house (this is the lady who watches the kids) Sarah says "mommy gym" "Monkey Monkey" , which is what she calls the monkey bars. How could we not continue gymnastics class! Daddy picked baby Adam and me up from Miss Anna's because mommy had a staff meeting at work. Mommy promised she would come to watch me a little gym so... where is she!
Waiting for mommy and smiling like always. Oh, the little mark on my head is were I scratched myself. Mommy really needs to cut my nails!
I am watching the other class do "monkey monkey"!
I love to get all the extra bells so mommy can put them on my arms and legs. By the time I have the bells all on the song we sing is almost over!
I know all my colors and am telling my friends all the colors on the parchute!
Big blue eyes and sometimes green!
I am Miss Stacey's little helper. I always have to be the last and only person to help her put everything away.
I almost got it! Look baby Adam, look mommy I do it!
Stamp time... blue one Ms. Stacey blue one! Please belly, foot and hand!
My best friend Emily and me hanging out!
I did it!
Look, look I am monkey monkey flipping!
More monkey monkey!
Using my tummy muscles!

This is my Little Gym teacher Miss Stacey. I just love her and she has taught me so much!
Daddy, big monkey monkey big monkey monkey!
I do it daddy let go daddy!

Mommy's End Of The Year Staff Party!

Today, we went to a pool party. I had a lot of kids to play with. I had so much fun seeing all the people my mom works with. I am in the kiddy pool! Daddy is watching me while mommy is showing off baby Adam inside!
This is my friend Lexie.
Big splash! I was not ready for this one!
Just chilling.
I can't touch the bottom. Help!
Finally, back to safety!