Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Preparing For Father's Day!

Preparing for Father's Day was more than mommy and I expected. It all began the Sunday before Father's Day when mommy found a Micheal's coupon for 50% off all hand molds. Once we had the coupon in our hands ,we were out the door shopping while baby Adam and daddy stayed home. While at the store mommy was so sure we needed two molding kits... one for my hand print and one for baby Adams foot print. We were in and out of the store like shopping champs. Then the day before Fathers Day while daddy was at work, we began the molding process. Much to our surprise the first mold harden before I could put my hand in it. So, mom says lets try the next box, thank goodness we bought two she says. Is all I could think about was baby Adams turn. What about Adams feet ma ma is all I could say. In the mean time, the second batch of mold was a hit well, until we opened the 3 D gel and it was green. Yes, it was defective.... By this time I was getting fussy and mommy face was really red. She got the phone, called Michael's and spoke to a manager who told her she could return both boxes and get a full refund. Well mommy did not what to do that, instead she wanted to put my hand in a third patch of mold. Yes, that is right we ended up exchanging the two kits for two more. Which meant everyone loading up in the car and heading out to Michael's for another shopping adventure, which is always a challenge with Adam and I. (At least mommy thinks so) The good news is while we were at the store we ran into MiMi (Miss. Anna the lady who watches us) She told mommy exactly what to do in order to make hand mold work. By this time it was lunch time, I was beyond tired and I think mommy needed a break as well. We decided to start fresh once we woke up from a nap. Around 3pm the Father's Day adventures started again.. The third mold worked like a charm... that was until it was time to take it out of the container. Mommy followed all the directions and lifted the mold out very carefully, in fact she would not let me near it. While removing the mold we begin to see one finger fall off, than another and another. Mommy screams then called grandma! After mommy had her fit, she said, "why cry over spilt milk, instead we should use some crazy glue to glue those fingers back onto the mold." I watched while mommy went crazy with the glue. All and all this was a learning experience and and activity mommy and I will never do again. As you can see by the photo's, in the end my daddy ended up with a mold of my hand and that was our goal, or should I say mommy's goal. We still have one box left but after our adventure mommy decided baby Adams foot print would have to go to the waste side this year. Do you think us girls are determined or what? Some say just pure crazy!
1st Mold!
This is fun!
Oh no ma ma.... look I spill the water.
The one and only hand print (Which took three times to do)
Is all I can do is laugh at my mommy and sister. Crazy girls!
The morning of Father's Day Mommy and went out on a limb and decide to make daddy a cake. I hope making a cake is easier than all that mold stuff! Step !
Step 2. I can do it ma ma. This is what I say to everything. Mommy says I am Miss Independent these days.
Step 3 That is right.. the only way to make a cake is to dig the icing into the cake. This should taste really good... icing, cake, icing, cake. Who ever thought daddy was getting a five layer icing cake!
Sprinkle time! My favorite! I bet I can use the entire jar of sprinkles. What do you think?
The best part to baking! May I say more!