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Trick or Treat Happy Halloween October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat Happy Halloween October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween everyone! I have attended so many different Halloween events this month that I have almost worn every princess dress I own. I was Snow White during Sea Worlds Halloween Spooktacular, Cinderella for my school party and for Halloween day I chose to be Sleeping beauty. For the big night, mom put a little eyeshadow on my eyes and let me wear her lip stick. After putting my hair in an up do mom sprayed it with hairspray, which is something she has never done. Now I really am a princess and can't wait to show off my costume to all my friends.

Last year my sister and I dressed up as pirates but this year my friend Wyatt let me borrow his turtle costume. It is a little big but it does the job! Don't I look so cute! Mom said she could just eat me up, that was after giving me millions of kisses. Thanks Mrs. Shannon for letting me use Wyatt's costume. Can't wait to see what you have for me next Halloween!

The back is what really makes the costume. Mom is so impressed that I am wearing the turtle hat. She was not to sure how I would react to a hat on my head but I did better than she thought.

For the last three years we have gone over to our neighbors house the Carr's to take photos. Adam would not get into the photo unless he could hold Katie's pom pom. While mom took the photo I could not resist, I had to give my brother some love. He looks to cute.

When I was one years old I did not get to go trick or treating because I was really sick. When I turned two I went trick or treating in Baldwin Park with my mom and dad. For the last two years I have had the had a blast trick or treating with some really good friend, Wyatt, Preston, and Gavin. This year my friend Ava joined us in the fun and we had a blast trick or treating as princesses.

Ava and I should be working at Disney! Now check out my class slippers. I am not sure what mom was thinking by forgetting my everyday shoes. I did great though I managed to get through most the night wearing my glass slippers. The rest of the evening I either went barefoot, rode in Adams car or on my dads shoulders.

Off we go and let the adventure begin!

What a way to travel!

Our first house of the year. Trick or Treat! Said.... Pirate, Astronaut, Spiderman, Belle and Sleeping Beauty.

YEAH!!!! Look what I got!

I spent some time admiring the ghost on the back of someones car. Every time I would make some type of motion the ghost would start lighting up, talking and wiggling.

Trick or Treating has come to an end. I had a great time, just hot and tired. Loved my turtle costume and got loads of compliments but I just had enough of it. So what a better way to travel home than in my diaper.

I am still full of energy and could last for a few more hours. Now I am ready to check out all the candy I got.

This could cause some real damage to my teeth!

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