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Two Birthday Parties in ONE day! November 14, 2009

Two Birthday Parties in ONE day! November 14, 2009

I am so far behind in blogging but I try my best to keep track of what happened months ago or should I say last year. The month of November was full of birthday parties. I think we have attended at least seven so far this month!

First Birthday Party .... Firkin and Kegler!
Ski Ball, one of my moms favorite games. Check out the score board... she just beat my dad big time. Adam and I are still trying to get a hang of the game. Adam sure does have a arm! Adam sure does have a arm, he had mom, dad and I taking cover a few times.

Now this is my type of bowling. How cool... a bowling ball and lanes just my size. I even got a STRIKE!


Onto the second birthday party! Adam and I took about a thirty minute nap in the car between parties. Yep just enough to get us ready for Ava's Fourth Birthday Party at Red Bug Lake Park!
A princess bounce house! Adam is trying so hard to stand up but Ava and I are making it really hard for him.

Enjoying the great weather and one on one time with my friend Ava.

A few shots that Ava's daddy took during the party!

Can you believe we are only four months apart!

Mom and I playing around!

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